1. T

    SOLD -------Carl Zeiss' Cinemizers Goggles-$175 or Best Offer

    Sold I am selling my Carl Zeiss' Cinemizers oled stereo 3-D glasses, the set comes with the optional ear hooks, neck lanyard, earbuds, & eye shroud (2 extra eye shrouds). The goggles works great with the unit & no dead pixels. The battery in the Zeiss does not hold much of a charge so I have...
  2. U

    Old timer Help Please - Bird, Goggles & Controller

    Good evening all, I need some help please with my P4P and the Controler using the RE Goggles, about a week ago I started having these problems while in flight. Drunken lag video stream while manoeuvring the P4P in flight. When holding the camera focus button on the controller, it goes into...
  3. Hallamnet

    DJI Racing Googles Issues with P4P + Obsidian

    Hi All YouTube Video to the issue at hand: - When connecting the DJI Racing goggles to the pro + controller, booting up the controller, connecting the P4P drone, Making sure i'm signed in to DJI Go, flight is restricted to 30m and 50m respectively and I cannot control any of the camera...
  4. A

    WMR Headset (Dell Visor)

    I have the HDMI output module and all updated firmware etc. How can I get my Windows Mixed Reality Headset - namely the Dell Visor to work with my DJI Phantom 4 ? I have enabled the simultaneous output and checked on a monitor that works but, how to get it to display on my VR headset ? Help...
  5. CalvinHobbes

    West Phoenix/Buckeye Skyline Park-- Let's fly!

    I'm new here. I have some phantom 4 pro's. 2 pair white DJI goggles, 1 pair black DJI google RE with HDMI splitter for all to watch together. Looking to hangout and fly even if you don't own one. Let's go...!
  6. M

    Requesting goggle recommendations

    I am thinking of buying fpv goggles. I have a P4P, P3A, and a broken P2V. I also have a Hubsan H501S. Are DJI's goggles worth the $450 or so price tag? I am looking for a less expensive but still good option. I also much prefer wireless operation. On the other there are also more expensive...
  7. C

    CrystalSky vs DJI Goggles

    Hi, I've heard that the Goggles are immersive, but also that the CS is better than the Goggles. So if you've used both, which do you prefer?
  8. GrammatonxXXxCleric

    Abandoned railroad tracks in the Northwest

    Flown manually using DJI goggles (newly purchased, still getting used to). I know the movement is not smooth, but the footage shows tracks never to be used again. (Narrated by Johnny Cash)
  9. Cody L. Williams

    DJI Goggles vs P4 Pro Specific Question/Issue

    Ok so I received my Goggles. They’re awesome, imo. They work perfectly with my Mavic Pro and yes it works with my Phantom 4 Pro (headtracking and everything included). My issue is that when I use headtracking on the Mavic, the gimbal movement is buttery smooth. So smooth in fact you could pass...
  10. Mr G

    Can I use both an iPad 4 mini and goggles at same time?

    Can I use both an iPad 4 mini and goggles at the same time? Also, what are the best goggles to use on P3A?
  11. A

    Avegant Glyph Headset (founders edition)

    I have a like new pair of Avegant Glyphs founders edition for sale. Have only been used 3 times. I love these things but unfortunate circumstances are forcing me to sell all of my drones. For FPV drone flying purposes these are second to none. Or even use them as the personal cinema they were...
  12. T

    Solution needed: DJI Goggles easily fall off when flipped up

    Someday the first generation DJI goggles are going to be as laughable as this robot phrenologist thing. The view inside is incredible, but they're ridiculously heavy and cumbersome. (Would it have helped to put the battery in a separate belt pack?) I've figured out the adjustments needed to...
  13. embayweather

    DJI Goggles or Something else

    There have been various conflicting reports on the forum(s) about whether DJI goggles are doing the job they should. I need to buy some goggles now that will give a viewer, not the pilot, the best view possible whilst the aircraft is flying. Are the DJI goggles the best choice or should I look...
  14. Billy F

    Video feed shared with iPhone 7 and DJI Goggles

    The following video will show you that it is possible to fly your Phantom 4 with the I Phone 7 and share the video feed with the DJI Goggles using a HMNI mini adapter and the optional HDMI module on the controller.
  15. D

    Advice needed for P4 using DJI Goggles and iPad

    I have a phantom 4. I recently purchased DJI goggles and successfully connected it to my P4. While the FPV flying is a LOT of fun, I was a little disappointed about the head tracking not working. But DJI promises a firmware mod that will correct this issue. My question is, what is the best way...
  16. T

    P4 and DJI Goggles (video quality)

    Hey, Just received my DJI Goggles. Been using them with my Phantom 4 but I just can't get the 1080p live-feed to work. No matter what I do I can't get the live feed above 720p at 30 fps only. Anyone with the DJI Goggles that has gotten better results? Thanks.
  17. R

    [Fun] Can’t Sleep? Use DJI Goggles! (drone under repairs so I got bored)

    Hello, my drone is being repaired so I made this short clip out of boredom. Enjoy!
  18. Y


    DJI P3P and Goggles. Ok so I purchased a set of DGI goggles. to use with my P3P. I had to add the HDMI unit to the transmitter. Fine so the goggles are now connected to the Transmitter and they are working OK.. But I have discovered that as soon as I turn on the goggles (they then work fine)...
  19. SteveMLexington

    DJI Goggles in Stock!

    I had two pair on order at the DJI Store and B&H Photo. Both were non-committal about when I would receive them. I found a store that has them IN STOCK. He just got a batch in on Friday. Will ship mine out on Monday. Here is the info. Ask for Paul. Seemed like a nice guy. Has good reviews. Can...
  20. R

    PS4 Netflix/Games + DJI Goggles - Dr. Strange, Star Wars (Lego), TLUO, Naruto

    Hi all, I tried out the DJI Drone Goggles on the PS4. Unfortunately, the PS4 only has one HDMI cable so others can’t see what you’re looking at. No headtracking like with the drone as expected. Video quality is good, similar to a PS4 on TV from a decent sitting distance. The HDMI plug is behind...