1. J

    In-Flight Disconnect - Restarting Controller

    Today while flying my Phantom 4 Pro V2.0 on Litchi (doing panos), the aircraft suddenly disconnected mid-flight. Disconnected meaning lost video transmission and transmitter control. I attempted to open DJI GO 4 and saw that there was no connection either (figured). The aircraft hovered in place...
  2. R

    Calibrate IMU/ Aircraft Disconnected Problem

    I have a Phantom 3 advanced drone that we got on christmas a few years back and it was working fine. Then, it sat around for a few months with no use until now. I just updated my drone from 1.8.0 to 1.9.3, and how the drone will connect and the image shows up on the phone, the only problem there...
  3. Haugh Hound

    Hello & help from South West Scotland

    Hi Guys, First post, so greetings from deepest South West Scotland where winter is well on its way, so flying days for my P3P 4K now few and far between until the spring! Got some problems when using mapping apps that I'm looking for some help on. Updated the DJI GO app a few weeks ago...
  4. P

    Phantom 4 disconnected itself - lost

    Maybe this is a better place to post this. I would like to close this off in my mind. Basically my Phantom 4 has flown flawlessly for a year. I kept the old firmware since fall of 2016 because of the issues I saw with other people, but my iPAD mini 4 started updating the DJI Go4 application...
  5. E

    Drone looses signal quickly, can't cancel RTH

    Hey pilots! I've got a problem with my DJI Phantom 3 Standard. Prepare for a story: So, I got my P3S about 6 months ago. I flew prettig good, because I had flown other drones before. I was really proud of it! I took it on vacantion with me during the summer holidays and it worked perfect, took...
  6. AWD

    Aircraft Disconnected but Flies Normally

    All, After the recent app update (4.1.5 Android) I seem to be encountering the "Aircraft Disconnect" message in the upper left hand portion of the screen where you normally see the AC status (GPS, Vision, ATTI, etc). The first time I saw it, I assumed I actually had disconnected for some...
  7. V

    Phantom 4 Advanced - Disconnecting problem

    Hello guys, Just got my Phantom 4 Advanced and it gets disconnected from the remote all the time. Anyone has experienced this with this drone? It's a solution to this problem? I've installed the new firmware before flight. Thanks
  8. Skyler King III

    P4P frequently looses GO4 Connection

    All fine until yesterday. Residential area off lake with lots of acreage. (unlikely interference). My Bluetooth turned off on iPhone. P4P would not connect to iPhone 7P after startup. Started and restarted iPhone, Controller and bird. Restarting iPhone 7 Plus (reboot) seems to fix (for a...
  9. B

    Suddenly Having Connectivity Issues

    I've had my P3P for about 3 months. Everything has worked perfectly up until 3 days ago. Now I'm having connectivity issues. I keep losing my connection and having to use the return to home feature when the Drone is literally only 750 to 1000 ft away. I'm flying in the same area that I've always...
  10. B

    P4P controller not connecting with Bird

    Had this happened several times this week. Is not like the type of disconection on the other post. Im talking about on start-up, the control starts beeping with the red light on. I noticed ot happened when i turn on the bird first. After turning everything off and on again, it suddenly works...
  11. C

    DJI GO app disconnected but aircraft still flying

    I've been happily flying my Phantom 3 standard for about 10 months now without any issues. I'm a very cautious pilot but today I have become concerned. Taking off with battery at 98% and a controller showing 3 green leds, perfect weather conditions everything was looking great. I flew around an...
  12. ACoD

    Connection fails after binding to camera.

    I bought a Phantom 2 Vision used just a few weeks ago and I've been struggling with shotty connections from the camera to get it to show FPV on the vision app... Today I was going to attempt to fly it, and went outside just to find that the wifi name wasn't showing up... I rebooted everything...
  13. J

    Gimbal Disconnected

    Hello! I have two phantom 4 drones for my business. I originally had one, and then I had to send it back to be replaced so I got another just because I rely on that drone everyday. So the original came back and still showed the error of Gimbal Disconnected. DJI replaced the remote controller...
  14. W

    Camera screen on phone disconnects

    hello Just bought a phantom three standard second hand. After flying at an altitude around 40 meters in the woods and garden it will disconnect the phone, but I can still fly the drone. Any advice Thanks :)
  15. J

    Disconnected. Not able to fly brand new Phantom 3 pro.

    Hi all, Pretty new here. Just bought myself a Phantom 3 Professional 2 days ago. I really don't want make any mistakes and take all the precautions needed, but at this moment, after 2 days I'm starting the get a little irritated and impatient. My RC keeps displaying 'disconnected'. It worked...
  16. M

    Going insane. Please help

    Hello all, I just received my p3 adv. yesterday. Been solid about 13 hours since then trying to get it to fly. Heck at least something. Ive read every single thing i could find on disconnected and no signal. Nothing helps. Every time i turn on rc and copter the dji go app just shows...
  17. L

    "disconnect"=headache. Help?

    Hello my fellow Phantom pilots!! I am probably not the only pilot suffering this "disconnect" nightmare at this current moment. I have the Phantom 4 and when I received it I followed the usual procedure of activating, calibrating and all the good stuff. I had a successful flight and flew 6 times...