1. K

    Standard Won't turn on

    Hello, my drone hit and tree branch and fell to the ground. A propeller was snapped but the motors were still running while it laid on the ground until I powered down the drone. After that, the drone would not turn on. If I hit the button the battery lights up then turns off. If I turn on the...
  2. S

    Custom in-drone Battery Charging Development

    Hi all - new to this thread so apologies in advance for any faux pas. I'm trying to develop a way to charge my Phantom 4 as part of an autonomous basestation similar in concept to the product made by skysense. I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with this or knows anything about the...
  3. Skyler King III

    Charging Phantom 4 Pro batteries in the "field"

    Here's my review of the Goal Zero Sherpa 100AC, which is compact, weighs 2 pounds and charges charges the Phantom 4 batteries without a hiccup. This also compares the Sherpa100AC to similar power banks. I was not compensated in any way for this review or posting. The Goal Zero Sherpa 110AC...
  4. C

    Phantom 3 gear (backpack, remote, batteries, etc.) Everything but the drone! $390

    Selling a whole set of used gear for the Phantom 3 Professional--hardshell backpack, remote control, 3 batteries, 3 propeller sets, power adapter and other replacement pieces. It's everything but the drone (which I crashed into a river)! See the list below for descriptions and additional...
  5. T

    Lost P4 Pro - disconnected during flight and battery died. Any hope?

    Hi everyone, I have a very unfortunate situation with my Phantom 4 Pro. This evening I was flying it about 1000m (distance) and 300m (altitude) over a forest when it lost the connection to my remote and iPad (I had previously flown it much further without any connection issues). At the time, the...
  6. FlyingUser

    Fully charged battery starts at 97%??

    I have a new 5870mAh battery (manufactured this July), running its 2nd cycle and I noticed that right after a full charge the GO app shows only 97%. Is it defective or needs some sort of calibration?
  7. D

    P3 Standard Battery Question

    Hi all, Last week I flew my drone and I had a battery drop after about 15 minutes, down to less that 10%. I landed the drone fine but I knew I wasn't going to use the unit unit this weekend so I didn't charge the battery. I just plugged it in and none of the lights come on. If I push the...
  8. O

    Never transport ... a battery with power level higher than 30%

    What is "transport" intended to mean in this text from the Intelligent Flight Battery Safety Guidelines mean: "Never transport a damaged battery or a battery with power level higher than 30%" Surely it does not mean "transport by car". And a similar warning in the Tavel Notice section of those...
  9. A

    FS: DJI Phantom 4/Advanced/Pro Batteries (PH4-5870/PH4-5350) - $80

    make / manufacturer: DJI model name / number: PH4-5870mAh 1 x PH4-5870mAh battery (new, in box) - $130 1 x PH4-5870mAh battery (~50 cycles) - $100 2 x PH4-5350mAh battery (~50 cycles) - $80 each $350 for all 4 ForSale (8 Of 9) by Andrei V posted Aug 27, 2018 at 7:47 AM
  10. M

    Discharging smart battery without flight?

    Sorry if I missed this in another discussion thread, but couldn't find anything on the topic. I was wondering if anyone had an effective way to discharge the smart batteries without requiring a flight? I suppose you could idle really low without props until the battery runs down. I come from...
  11. B

    Bloated Battery - Replacement Options?

    Hi there everyone. I have hardly used my P2 as it has taken me many years/months to put it all together for FPV. I purchased my P2 in early 2014 so its clearly out of warranty. My issue that has come about just the other day. I noticed just after take off and 10ft in the air, all red lights...
  12. FlyingUser

    Battery longevity?

    I am thinking on buying additional batteries, but the question is how many should I buy? In theory I could live on 2, but 3 would make life more comfortable. Of course, that additional battery is aging together with the rest of the gear, getting not just cycles but temperature/storage effects...
  13. F

    Overdischarged battery LEDs always ON

    Hi Everyone, I bought a Phantom 2 Vision+ with an over discharged battery, after the battery was charged 3 times with no success, the LEDs turned on (maybe because i touched something inside the circuit), so I thought of a success. I put the battery into the drone and he's alive! after the...
  14. FlyingUser

    Waking up a battery from hybernation?

    I unpacked my first dji bird today, a P4P, spent the day with charging, prepping but now when I want to power up the bird, it refuses to come online. The LED's light up then shut down almost immediately. Currently I am indoors - could that be the problem? I don't intend to fly, just activate the...
  15. New Phantom Owner

    21min average battery life?

    So I have noticed when recording in 2.7k and flying at high altitude +400ft. I typically reach the critical 10% battery level in about 21minutes. I'm running a P3S with DJI Carbon fiber reinforced props and a few other irrelevant mods and I am curious what sort of battery life others are...
  16. N

    Battery Malfunction

    So after a minor crash I am experiencing some odd behavior. I was flying low to the ground trying to get a cool shot of a friend when I went a little too low and clipped the landing gear. The drone flipped upside down and decided to take off spinning. It destroyed the props and I had to replace...
  17. New Phantom Owner

    Responsible Battery Use?

    So I have this Phantom. It has a Battery. Lasts around 20 minutes or so. Also have a car charger to charge away from home. I am in the market for an extra battery or three. My question is how long of a cool down time is sufficient, adequate, and or responsible for the longevity of the drone's...
  18. V

    Phantom 3 third light of Battery Flashing Continually

    One of my battery when is full charged the third light of four lights is Flashing Continually. As you can see in video. Do we know what causes it and if it is a serious problem?
  19. S

    Controller Not Charging

    So I'm having some trouble with a Phantom 4 I recently purchased used off of LetGo (an app like Craigslist), and we're having some trouble with the charging of the controller. Ill plug it in, and it will be one blinking white light when I have it charging and then it will go to solid red. After...
  20. 2


    I recently flew my phantom 3 advanced in Arizona, and after landing it, k noticed I had trouble getting the battery out, i i pled it out and noticed it was very hot, the temperature out side was around 90 ( so it is my fault). After feeling the battery, I noticed it was a little stretched out (...