1. L

    SOLD Phantom 4 Pro V2 Complete Operating Package $1800

    I have a Phantom 4 Pro V2 complete package I'm selling. I prefer to sell it all together to reduce the hassle of multiple payers and multiple shipments. I bought this to travel out west and used it on one trip. I've had a detached retina in both eyes, so I'm getting out of drone flying. I've...
  2. thegeekunderground

    [SOLD] Qty 4 Phantom 3 batteries 4480 mAh, 100w charger, DJI backpack, 6 new props, guards, GetterBack

    For sale I am offering this bundle of extra Phantom 3 accessories left over from before I upgraded to a M2P. Included are: Qty 4 OEM Phantom 3 standard/advanced/pro batteries. Charge counts of 15, 23, 42, and 55 cycles. Always stored at 50-75% charge (3rd light blinking) Qty 1 OEM 100w...
  3. jenzeee

    WTB: P4/P4P batteries

    Just got a new P4Pv2 after mine had been stolen, and due to my low budget I am looking for some pre-owned batteries and also a hub charger. Please post / show what you have and I'll make an offer. Thx
  4. T

    Can anyone find batteries for the P4P!

    So after "discontinuing" the phantom series it looks like the batteries, props, basically everything essential is now "out of stock" on the DJI website. I can't find a single store anywhere online even Amazon to buy genuine DJI batteries. I found one or two on eBay for over 200 bucks which is...
  5. axbagus

    Phantom 4 Battery need info

    Hi guys How are u all today . I have question .. About P4 battery . as usual battery are Hot after flight with 35-40% Battery remaining, but i saw battery in the midle one are swelling, i can see from hole at side of the battery, The center hole is narrowed , and 2 other vent hole i can see...
  6. D

    Looking to buy damaged Phantom 3 batteries

    Hello, I am looking to buy Phantom 3 batteries working or not working. but for a cheap price. also take swollen batteries. Thanks
  7. Skyler King III

    Charging Phantom 4 Pro batteries in the "field"

    Here's my review of the Goal Zero Sherpa 100AC, which is compact, weighs 2 pounds and charges charges the Phantom 4 batteries without a hiccup. This also compares the Sherpa100AC to similar power banks. I was not compensated in any way for this review or posting. The Goal Zero Sherpa 110AC...
  8. B

    Silver material on my DJI and battaries

    Hello all, I fly my drone a lot. I noticed silver stains between my battery and drone. Could one of my batteries be broken or about to explode? Please see the attached images. Can someone help me? Thanks.
  9. Brent10

    SOLD: P2V+ Parts for Sale (motors, batteries, main board, controller + long range antenna)

  10. P

    Phantom 4 Battery

    Just a note to users of Phantom 4 batteries and the DJI battery charging hub. All 3 batteries died after leaving the batteries on the multi charger for two weeks while away on holidays, come home to shoot and no batteries..... Batteries were all giving good flight time beforehand, at least...
  11. K

    Buying Non-OEM Batteries

    Looking for advice buying P3 4480 mAh batteries at good price from eBay. They are Brand New, Fully Decoded for $64.
  12. T

    Charging hub quick question!

    really quick one about the charging hub and batteries. so once the hub has charged all the batteries, should I remove them, if im not flying for around 24-48 hours. or can I just keep them on there? they seem to turn off when charged so im not sure!
  13. A

    Phantom 4 Pro Battery

    So I am learning these batteries for the Phantom 4 Pro are not cheap. UGGG Has anyone had any experience with after market batteries?
  14. T

    What are your favourite P4P accessories??

    ive had my p4p just over a year now, love it to bits. but just wondering what all your favourite accessories are for it? I recently purchased a PolarPro Dronetrekker Backpack which is awesome, but I have a lot of empty space for stuff! I have 2 batteries, ND filters all the basic stuff! just...
  15. Billmh12

    2-P3 Standards, 5 batteries, 1 case & more.

    I am selling business in a box or fun too. (Whichever you are going after). The one P3 Stnd has a camera which is not working. The other works perfectly. The first one is my practice drone and helps me to train others. The other one is covered in a faux carbon fiber, with 5 working batteries...
  16. B

    Two Used Phantom3 Batteries For Sale $75 ea.

    I have two used original DJI P3 Batteries I had been saving but decided to sell. Not sure of the number of cycles on each but should be between 20 and 30 at most. I will plug them in to my P3 at work and check on it tomorrow. They are in great shape, no crashes, not swollen, or damaged. Asking...
  17. S

    P4P Battery single flash by button

    Does anyone know what it means when a P4P battery (orig equip) has the button lit with just the line-light NEXT TO the button flashing at 3-flash increments?? I am getting this when I plug it into my Venom P4 Professional charger. The battery is at less than 50 percent. I plug it in, the...
  18. tml4191

    Phantom 4 Battery MOD + Charger + Batteries for Extended and Long Range Flights

    I haven't used the battery mod for my phantom 4 lately, so I'm considering putting it up for sale. The package comes with an ACCUCELL S60 charger, two multistar batteries, and a DJI Phantom 4/Pro(+)/Advanced battery mod. The battery mod is easy to install since all you have to do is plug it in...
  19. TGPhotogrammetry

    For Sale - P3 Batteries (Used) + P3 Pro 4K Camera (New in Box)

    Greetings. Looking to sell four used P3P batteries and a new-in-box P3 Pro camera. Our P3P crashed the other day, and we're looking to part out what we can. The batteries are in good condition. The one that was in the P3P is scratched on the face, but seems fine otherwise. 4x Batteries -...
  20. H

    Power/Energy Questions

    Hi all, I'm new to drones and am trying to learn as much as possible about power and energy issues. Please chime in with answers to any or all of the below questions: 1. What are the top three "pain points" for drone power? 2. What do you like and dislike about using current LiPo batteries...