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    love the new 2X zoom

    Which Phantom do you have?
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    P4 controller will not fully charge.

    Have you talked to DJI about sending your RC in for repair? I had the same problem and they sent me a label, I mailed it in and about two weeks later, I received another RC which works perfectly. Mine was still under warranty.
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    P4 controller not charging

    I had the same issue. After talking with a DJI tech, he sent a label and I sent the controller to DJI. After about two weeks, it came back . I believe it was a replacement, but it works fine. Patience is required with DJI.
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    U.S. Number for DJI Needed

    try 818-235-0789
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    New Firmware Update for P4

    How did you fix the IMU error? I have the same problem. Says IMU error, then it goes away. Thanks
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    What stick position do you use when shutting down? One time I inadvertently pulled both sticks as if I was starting it and it shook and turned over. Luckily no damage. I shut down with pulling back the left stick only while catching with my right hand..
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    Phantom 4 RC not fully charging question

    My RC would not charge beyond 3 lights. But it discharged fast and I could not fly more than two batteries before it started sounding the low battery beeps. I called DJI and the tech asked me several questions then finally suggested I send it in for diagnosis. Label received and RC mailed July...
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    Airlines W/Phantom 4

    If I read the instructions correctly, you can check the drone with a battery installed in it, while spare batteries must be carried on. Is that a correct interpretation? ( I do not check my drone!) Thanks
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    Proper battery discharge

    What happens when I remove them from the charging hub. Will they further discharge or remain at the same level of charge?
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    Proper battery discharge

    When not in use, I leave my three batteries on the DJI charging hub on storage. Is there any time limit for leaving them on storage? I check periodically to be sure they are cool, and they always are. Sometimes I do not fly for a couple of weeks before charging them up. Comments will be...
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    Phantom 4 Controller not fully charging

    I am having the same problem. I called DJI Support and after a few question, he said to send in for diagnosis and sent me a label. I will be sending it in today or tomorrow and will report future activity.
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    Regarding DJI support, my RC seems to have a weak battery as it will no fully charge and lasts only 30 minutes or so before emitting a low battery beep. So I went to DJI support and online chat. The DJI tech came back almost immediately and we discussed the problem. After he asked a few...