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WTB: P3A Controller or Controller parts

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by Joshua27, Sep 14, 2016.

  1. Joshua27

    Sep 14, 2016
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    My P3A controller was dropped. The fall damaged the front piece of plastic so now it won't hold screws to keep the 2 halves together, it also damaged my altitude stick (left stick). My P3A will rotate left and right but it will not go up or down while in flight.

    So basically if anyone has a damaged P3A controller that I could scavenge parts out of that would be great! I would also be open to just buying a new controller if someone could hook me up with one at a decent price.

    I'm a new member on here but I've had the same ebay account since 2003 and I think my Paypal is just as old so I have established "online buying" credit. I'm also well established on ar15.com and gunbroker.com if you need more reassurance. I know there are a lot of scammers in the quadcopter scene.
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