Where to fly & not feel rushed?

Sep 23, 2017
Hey everyone — odd question ... I’ve been flying for 2+ years, mainly for recreational photography of fun, cool perspectives. I follow all the laws, rules & regs. But oftentimes when I’m out flying I feel rushed to get up, take my pics and come down - mainly because other folks are around or driving by and flying a drone I’m a bit out of place or a curiosity. Love to find some spots where I can just take my time and enjoy the flight. Might just be a personal issue, but curious if others feel the same way and/or what types of spots do you go to to just “get away and fly”? Thanks in advance for the perspectives!
Dec 1, 2017
UK/South Africa
I certainly feel anxious when filming/flying in certain situations. This is largely because of a self-imposed pressure to deliver results to a high standard. It’s a good thing. Today, for example, I had to fly our drone off the edge of a mountainside and drop down a long way to get to the location we needed to film - with high winds causing warnings during all of the flight. It was far from relaxing and I was relieved after it was done (as well as being pleased we’d likely achieved a good result).

Whereas we only fly a drone for work, I’m guessing that if I did it as a hobby there would be a similar feeling of being under pressure - because I’d still be the same person and I value consistency.

We only fly on our own land, whether in South Africa or in the UK. So there’s no pressure or distraction from other people (other than colleagues who know what is happening with the drone flying). Personally, I wouldn’t like being interrupted by other people if I was flying in a public place.

What you seem to be describing is a healthy level of conscientiousness. And, yes, I’d recommend finding a secluded place in natural surroundings. Also, flying at a time of the day when most people are still in bed, such as at dawn in summertime.
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