What kind of computer are you running?

Sep 9, 2016
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I'm thinking about purchasing a new computer for editing my pictures and video, do you guys have any recommendations? Desktop or Laptop? Windows or Mac? Is it easy to transition to Mac from Windows? I have seen other post about what software everyone is using, I love light room. Currently using Filmora for video, looking to jump up to premiere pro, how did you guys learn it?

Thanks !
Jul 26, 2016
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There are a lot of Premier Pro editing videos on the web or Creative Live that has some drone classes and editing with it. One guy, Fredrick Hagan has a lot of really good editing and color grading stuff on Youtube. Here:

I might go with DaVinci 12.5 down the road and upgrade from their free one as I get used to it more. I have the older Photoshop CS6 and Lightroom (Lifetime ones) for stills as I'm not fond of their current "rental software" model that Adobe is pushing out. Plus my Cloud stuff is dismal for speed anyway (Hours or days as I am too far from the AT&T 'switch' so it's about the equivalent of AOL 56K dialup.). I don't have any Apple computers and the iPad Air 2 I bought for the P4 since my Samsungs were really bad for lag. The Apple wins for that. DaVinci for the Apple is $500 cheaper in the Apple Store than the Windows version so that might offset the Apple workstation model or laptop against a Windows unit.

However, I had a learning curve with the Apple though. I made a mistake of entering letters and numbers for a passcode where it should have been numbers only. Then it locked me out. Then I had to turn to Apple Support and they have a 48 hour response turn around which ended up being a week with an apology. I did manage to reload the iOS from scratch by then and got back in, although it trashed what I had so I started all over.

As far as video work, the gamers with the speedier Windows 10 machines run much faster than the Apples do, and why they prefer them too. Just the top-tier Windows units run serious dollars and hit $7K+ easily with all their cooling fans and 2 terabyte SSD drives and multiple nVidia graphics cards. I had some generic Toshibas and HP laptops bought locally and they used to overheat and blue screen on some videos that took 3 days to sort through prior to just crashing out from overheating. I went to some computer show and some of the Hollywood editing and color people suggested the Sagers for video, but they are $$$ too as you customize them out from their base price. Some colorists do not like the glossy Apple Mac screens or their contrast and go to CG series 4K Eizo's, but they are pricey too but will run on any system. Nice part is the 4K Eizo's have self-calibration and standardized ISO LUT within them so what you see on them is almost a standard verses self-calibration and maybe not so close on another brand.

So yeah, there are some things one does better than the other. Just takes time to learn them, buy what you can afford, and get comfortable with whatever it is.

Fwiw, my current unit is a MSI QT72 6QE Dominator Pro G series. ~$2.5K with Windows 10. Hasn't been without issues though, mostly pre-installed software and conflicting drivers. I bought a MS Windows 10 thumbdrive and re-installed the OS from scratch which cleaned it up.
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