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What is considered good range in the city?

Discussion in 'Phantom 4K' started by DaaaaMan, Jun 29, 2018.

  1. DaaaaMan

    May 2, 2018
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    I'm a current P3 S owner and considering to upgrade to a P4. First I would like to know what is considered good range in a crowded city with apartment buildings, trees exct. So far I have done the following modifications
    Both 2.4ghz antenna mods with Amps and same on the 5.8ghz. I have Alpha panels and upgraded the 2.4 GHz birdside antennas with P3 pro antennas. (Pics included) This is a heavily crowded area and I'm getting 3,000 -3,500 ft. It will have full bars on signal and then all of a sudden nothing, RTH starts. Is this as good as it gets? Should I expect more with a P4 or Mav? Or is there another mod I haven't considered?

    Btw in a rural area this thing is endless. I'm scared to push it because I don't want to crash on RTH
  2. David_Cambridge

    Jul 29, 2016
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    There is no definitive answer to your question. Line of sight between the the rc and aircraft is always required no matter what signal mods you have. Both buildings, towers, and other steel structures count. Trees do as well. All redirect your communications to ground.

    In addition, all the active wireless networks can jam your comms with the drone. These are not constant and change from day to day, and even by hour and location, both of the drone and rc location
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