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Video Transmitter Question?

Discussion in 'Photos and Video' started by KJMetcalfe, Jul 31, 2013.

  1. KJMetcalfe

    May 19, 2013
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    I installed a DJI AVL58 RX/TX Transmitter on my Phantom. I know read/heard somewhere not to turn on the TX without the antenna installed or you can cause damage. On two occasions I forgot to install the antenna only briefly for less than 1 min.

    What exactly could happen? I'm just trying to find out if I caused any damage.

    It seems to be ok but I have not had an opportunity to test the signal distance. If it's a fried unit then I'm ok because it still works at least at a close distance.
  2. telemole

    Jul 23, 2013
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    it will likely burn out the transmitter in that case - so if you're still working - likely no damage done!
  3. jumanoc

    Jan 21, 2013
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    If you receive video signal, thats fine... When Vtx or Vrx are powered without antenna the risk is that the high power used by antennas, run to other electronic components and as yuo said... get fried.
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