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Vibrations on gimbal footage

Discussion in 'Photos and Video' started by fly-catchers, Mar 8, 2014.

  1. fly-catchers

    Aug 20, 2013
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    Kent England
    No matter what I try I still cannot get the same quality (or near to it) when I compare Zenmuse footage with the AeroXcraft fitted to my Phantom 1. Overall it is level and steady but with micro vibrations. I have only filmed at 1080p 50fps. Today out of curiosity I tried filming at 1080p 25fps- but that was a lot worse with vibrations occuring throughout the footage. I guess that these vibrations are all jello effects.
    The gimbal does have Silicone Gel Vibration Isolators which look ok but the vibrations are still getting through. Another issue I have never sorted is getting 50fps footage to give me slow motion when changed to 25fps. I have imported the footage into the GoPro software and exported at 25fps. It plays at 25fps but is still normal speed not slow motion. What am I doing wrong? My other software I use is Premiere elements 10 which does even seem to accept 50fps footage. When you import it you have to choose the 25fps 1080p option.

    I will upload a bit of todays footage so you can see the effect. I have seen far worse jello effects on examples posted online- with and of course without a gimbal. But this effect is still spoiling what is "almost" good footage!



  2. rilot

    Aug 18, 2013
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    Twyford, UK
    Have you balanced your props?
  3. DrewPDrawers

    Feb 1, 2014
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    You should look into balancing both your motors and your props. I have done both on my Phantom 2. I am using the GoodLuckBuy gimbal. It has made a big difference in the footage that is coming straight off the GoPro.

    Ultimately, the best fix is in post production using Warp Stabilizer in Premiere Pro or something like it. It can be a healthy investment for the software if you don't have access to good post production software.

    There are good youtube videos for balancing both out there. It does take some time and patience.

    Here is my favorite motor balance video

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