Very Cheap OSD alternatives

Sep 25, 2015
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Malacca, Malaysia
Hello peeps, I am however, a newbie when it comes to OSD. My purpose of this thread is to actually get recommendations for OSD, where I can track the records and logs that my new Phantom 2 would during the flight. I know OSD would be a very important part of the drone as I would have better monitoring of the data (battery level, flight distance, etc.). And as I spoke about cheap OSD, I mean like seriously cheap OSD alternatives, where I would usually prefer less soldering and tearing up parts (although I have the knowledge to do so).

I have come about the MinimOSD, N1-OSD, N3-OSD and many other cheap OSDs. But what concerns me is that, if I am assembling third party parts (non-DJI parts), for example, like the N1-OSD, would I put any other parts of the original DJI parts to waste? I know I might not be so specific, but I hope fellow pilots reading this thread who are experienced enough could give recomendations.

If possible, link me to the OSDs where they are already pre-assembled, and I can just plug it to my P2 and have it straight off to the sky.

P.S - My concern to use cheap OSD is because I am a student whose budget is low, who wants to venture more into aerial videography and photography at a lower level yet. Another sad part is being a Malaysian, the economy here is as **** as hell, governed by shitty politics, therefore, making the exchange rate (RM/USD) crazily burdening to me.

Hope to receive comments soon. Thanks fellows.

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