Dec 19, 2015
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I'm having a intermittent unlocking problem & hope someone can help or shed some light on what might be going on. I am a real estate photographer & do real estate photography in the Florida Keys. Aerials are a big thing here, water & views everywhere you look. I work the lower Keys outside of Key West to the upper Keys & fortunate that most of my flying is in Class G airspace. Marathon in the middle Keys & has an airport, non towered & is Class E airspace which starts at 700'AGL, you do need to unlock & can get approval which I have been able to do the last 2 years. I always unlock the night before on the DJI website using my pc. When I fly I use a tablet. A couple of months ago I started having problems unlocking. One week I can unlock & the next week I can't. I switched from my tablet to my phone a couple times when I was on site & still can't unlock.

A little Info & History on my P3P: Purchased 2 1/2 yrs ago & take excellent care of it, when not flying it's in a hard case. Its never crashed or been dropped, never flown in the rain, I don't run it hard, nice & easy, I use it for business & has approximately 80 + flights. 11 months after I purchased it I had a mother board malfunction, screen went completely black, luckily I was only 5 ft off the ground doing my pre-flight check list & was able to land it just fine. Sent it to DJI for repair & it was covered under warranty. When I got it back it worked just fine & has ever since no other issues except for this new unlocking problem I am experiencing, I am at a loss. Have not contacted DJI as yet, wanted to start on the forum first.

Thanks for reading & hope somebody can help-

See attachment I created showing the area map locations & dates along with P3P Info & Notes.


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