software issue

  1. E

    P3 adv software wont flash

    I recently got a hold of a phantom 3 advanced, I then went to a store to ask if they knew what could be wrong with it, and they said that they where pretty certain the drone was bricked. I know they have been wrong before, so I went to search on google to check if anyone else had the same...
  2. jp_flkeys

    Unlocking Issues

    I'm having a intermittent unlocking problem & hope someone can help or shed some light on what might be going on. I am a real estate photographer & do real estate photography in the Florida Keys. Aerials are a big thing here, water & views everywhere you look. I work the lower Keys outside of...
  3. S

    P3 Firmware No flight after update

    I updated my DJI Phantom 3 adv won't fly after updating the drone. The camera is on and the gimbal is able to tilt using the remote. Under the battery section in the DJI Go app it has N/A under all the information. Anyone had this issue before and what was the problem/ solution. Thanks heaps
  4. D

    Replaced camera / New Mac ID and connection failure to Phantom

    I all. The camera that came with the Phantom would not give me green light so I replaced it. The one slightly used but tested and solid green light. Seller gave me ticket with camera's Mac ID which I changed in the app. The camera will take photo's with button and record video. Problem is I can...
  5. Dragonfyr

    P3S Camera Gimbal Zoom in and Out Problem

    Not even sure where to start with this! So... First flight. Had a little bumpy landing. Landed on soft grass, think the lower leg caught the ground, nothing physically broken, still flew the P3S about 3-4 hours later a little bit in my back yard. -- Bumpy Landing Video: During flight check i...