no fly zones

  1. jp_flkeys

    Unlocking Issues

    I'm having a intermittent unlocking problem & hope someone can help or shed some light on what might be going on. I am a real estate photographer & do real estate photography in the Florida Keys. Aerials are a big thing here, water & views everywhere you look. I work the lower Keys outside of...
  2. K

    AAARRGGGH! No Fly zones!

    I tried to fly for a topography survey in Southern New Mexico that is adjacent to a small town. There is now a NO-Fly zone around a small airstrip which is managed by the local city. It is class E airspace (<700'AGL). The airport has no tower and no staff. The only contact is through city...
  3. Wessex

    No Fly Zone additional unlocks

    Hi, I am a UK resident and would like to know how you can set multiple unlock zones. I have unlocked a local area but now need to unlock another but it is not giving me the option. Question; how do you set multiple unlock zones and can you cancel or delete an authorisation before the end of...
  4. We Talk UAV

    DJI introduces new shapes of No Fly Zones

    DJI Introduces New Shapes of No Fly Zones for Chinese Airports - WeTalkUAV
  5. jp_flkeys

    Professional Phone App & No Fly Zone

    I just got my P3P back from repair, it had the original firmware & of course they did the latest update for me, now I am restricted by Geo-Fencing where I wasn't before. I use a dedicated tablet for my P3P, NVidia Shield, I did not have a need for mapping or did I needing to know my location, I...
  6. R


    I'm an old home inspector (68) and have no desire to go on 2-3 story roofs anymore so after doing some research, found out about the Phantom 4. Helluva machine! Seemed like it would do my roof inspections without the ladder. Trouble is, the advertising didn't mention it's of NO USE within 15...