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Twitchy gimbal (x-axis)

Discussion in 'Zenmuse H3-3D/H4-3D GoPro Gimbal' started by misaps, Jan 6, 2015.

  1. misaps

    Jan 4, 2015
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    First post, so Hi everyone :)

    Got a new P2+ with iOSD and Black Pearl recently; had a few flights and can't believe how easy this bird is to get up in the air. I do have a couple of niggles though:

    I've read quite a few posts about people having problems with their H3-3D twitching on y-axis (videos show the camera turning mainly to the left and recording one of the legs before flicking back to centre) but has anyone had problems on the x-axis? Mine (brand new and was installed & set up via the dealer) keeps dropping a few degrees before flicking back into position. It does this at any angle though only when in flight and not on the ground. I have checked the firmware is up to date etc and sent a video showing the problem to my dealer (who has been a bit slow getting back to me!!). I'd be interested to know if anyone has been able to rectify such issues.

    Also I saw a blog whereby someone changed the characteristic of the speed that the gimbal reacts to inputs of the lever to adjust the camera angle. I'm sure this was done using a P1 with the lever on the back of the tx. Looking at the software there is an option to alter the dynamics (default seems set at 50) but using the upgraded tx (with a dial on the top left) makes no difference to the speed at which the camera angle adjusts. Is this option only available to the older tx's? If so it seems daft that they've left this out of upgraded versions - when mine is finally working properly I'd like to be able to slow down the camera adjustment as at the moment I'm finding it hard to adjust from one angle to another without it going far to quick to be viewable.
  2. OSUllivanStudios

    Jan 10, 2015
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    I had the same issue with the H33D. Have you updated the drivers yet? One I update the driver for the remote and the gimbal I had no problems controlling it. (I am using the same controller that you are using too) I also found that when the little rubber vibration dampers, that connect the gimbal to the bottom of the phantom are disconnected (typically do to a crash) the camera jumps around a bit. It tends the make the camera jump up and down on the Y axis like you described.
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