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Apr 30, 2015
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So I posted in a previous thread a problem I was having with limited range on the 2.4 ghz side of my new Phantom 2 Vision +. At first I thought the problem was resolved after disconnecting and reconnecting some ribbon cables going to the gimball. And although it did noticeably give me more range than what I had, apparently it still isn't up to par with what is advertised. I was only getting around 400 foot range, then after playing around with the connectors, doubled the range to around 800 feet or so. I went ahead and installed the Itelite antenna mod and managed to get twice the distance now of around 1600 feet. But I should have been hitting this range without the antenna mod. What are the chances that either the wifi extender or the bird module is not putting out full power? My assumption is either they work or they don't. Is there a higher probability of issues with the antenna connection/panels on the bird, given the fact I've pretty well eliminated antenna issues on the controller/extender side by adding the itelite antenna mod? I've had the bird open and checked the connections going into the module but didn't see anything apparent. I didn't check the coax cables though going to the panels. I will tell you that it is very easy to tweak (break the ground connection at the pigtail) on these micro-coax cables. I did on one of the itelite cables. I found it by ohming it out. I had to peel the heat shrink tubing back and re-solder a cold solder joint. So with that in mind. I'm wondering if I should check the antenna coaxes in the bird?
Sep 12, 2014
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Hey Cayman WELCOME to the forum,

I've heard folks say that any amount of contamination at the connections can cause unbelievably bad results. Do you have any 90% alcohol? I'm pretty sure you have to be careful what you get the alcohol on, but I've heard of folks using it.

I didn't read your previous thread, but assume folks taught you about where to point the antenna.

It sounds like you know how to handle the connections without breaking them. So to answer your last question. I would say yes, check the connections. I'm not saying void your warranty.

This will help you find things here in our forum. It's Google Custom Search.
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Apr 10, 2015
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Do you have clear line of sight out at 1600 ft.. With radio signals any obstacle bounces the signal. I have problems with trees. Wooded areas all around. But when I am in the open I get really good range, Since the antenna cables are snap on connecters you can move them around to see that they are snapped on good and have a good clean connection. Wiggling them will break any built up corrosion an help re-establish good contact. Good luck

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