Yikes - that scream made me jump - LOL!

Nice job of flying and filming - actually pretty ballsy flying. Music was perfect and really added to the eerie feel of the video! Great job!

Look out Hollywood - here I come!
Was not easy to go down on the trees, I was about 50 meters from there, and I am not good on pilotage at all, so for me doing it without crashing, it was a miracle . :):D done in one shoot only.
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Well Geoffrey you handled your Phantom like a pro man - great job. That scream at the end - was a great added touch.

So what was the 'Thing" anyway - someone in a cloak with a hoodie for sure - I think?
The THING. I did it with some staff at home, its 1.80m high and it has a LED light hidden in the " head"
abbf82e8c4.jpg e361b32fe3.jpg

Unfortunately I am alone when I do such movies, not so much people with free time and same hobby around my house :)


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Very creative - fantastic idea to come up with that for a video - nice change from just scenery and landscape videos (not that there is anything wrong with those).

Thanks for nightmare I will probably have now - lol.

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