dji phantom 2

  1. asulliv54

    DJI Phantom 2

    What should or could I do with Phantom 2 Throw it in waste it still works but it is so big and cumbersome!
  2. V

    Zenmuse Y axis dosent work. P2.

    hey guys, new here, just boght a zenmuse( it dosent say on it which model it is so i assume its h3 2d) .I connected and installed it and X axis works very nicely, but the Y axis dosent respond to any kind of movement, and if i have it on for a while it sometimes points all the way down or all...
  3. M

    Lost contact / Return to Home

    I've been flying a Phantom 2 for theee years. I'm on my second one. For the first time ever yesterday afternoon, while flying at a spot I've flown many phantom all of a sudden lost contact with the remote. It began blinking yellow, initiating RTH. It flew back to its correct take off...
  4. S


    I was given an old dji phantom 2 and I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO DO ABOUT THIS FPV SETUP. I have a flysight monitor and i attached the tx to the drone and the rx to the monitor and i still get bad preview within 100 meters of me. Do I need to buy another 5.8 ghz antenna for my drone for a better...
  5. M

    drone above the biggest Polish district in Bydgoszcz in Poland

    Hello! I would like to share with my video reigstered by DJI Phantom 2 + Go Pro 4 Black camera. It was taken above the biggest district in Bydgoszczy city in Poland. Kindest regards Marcin from Poland
  6. M

    main road in Bydgoszcz city from drone

    Hello! I would like to share with my video reigstered by DJI Phantom 2 + Go Pro 4 Black camera. It was taken one of the main street in Bydgoszczy. The flight was taken in early morning while day off so it not so crowded. Kindest regards Marcin
  7. jairo martinez o

    mod bateria dji phanton 2 vision

    Para Todos, al fin lo Logrado e ((for everyone, and finally achieved)) millas del canal en youtube
  8. phantom 2

    how waterproof is the phantom 2

    i was wondering how waterproof is the phantom 2 can i fly it in light rain
  9. O

    One Year Reel w/my DJI Phantom 2 - Was an amazing adventure for me and my GF

    Travelled to four countries, including 4 different states within the US. Loved every minute of flying and building this film over the course of a year (actually about 14 months total of filming). Producer credit to my GF for pushing me to bring it EVERYWHERE. Yes. I was that guy with the...
  10. G

    The THING ...

    Wanted to do something a bit different but became something weird at the end. To watch with sound.
  11. photokreso

    Walkera G-2D Brushless Gimbal on Phantom please

    Hello everyone... I bought Walkera G-2D Brushless Gimbal and i have one question: I have connected it on my Phantom 2 and gopro 3...gimbal is always shaking,making tilts all the time,its not possible to make a video with it,for pictuer is ok ,but video not... Whats seems to be wrong?Does anyone...
  12. R

    Hello from Randy in Northern Cal.

    Hello, I am new to the experience of flying the drones and the unbelievable aerial footage it produces. Please take a look at this video where I added our band's new song to the background of the DJI Phantom swooshing through San Jose, California neighborhoods, where I live .... Hope you like...
  13. R

    Immersion TX Sudden Failure?

    Setup: DJI Phantom 2 DJI iOSD Immersion TX 600mw (Immersion RC antenna) DJI Zenmuse H4-3D GoPro Hero 4 Black FlySight Black Pearl 32ch Receiver LCD (antenna provided) Plug+Play Wire I have used this setup reliably for about 6 months on and off. Put my kit away in the shed for ~ 2 months...