1. Florida Drone Supply

    FPV Remote 2 is back in stock NOW! 11-17-22

    FPV Remote 2 is back in stock. The DJI FPV Remote 2 for Avata and DJI FPV is now back in stock get them before they are gone! https://www.floridadronesupply.com/products/dji-fpv-remote-controller-2?_pos=1&_sid=39c699188&_ss=r
  2. L

    Phantom 3 4k No live video feed

    Hello all, Apologies in advance this is my first post so any advice welcomed. I have a phantom 3 4k. The drone flies fine and rc connects etc , wifi connects and i get telemetry. However, i have no live video feed, videos and images save to the sd card fine but no live feed. I have trawled the...
  3. N

    Do both the P2 vision and P2 vision plus have the same wifi module?

    Hey guys, First time posting here, Found lots of great information on here however i have come to a point where i am a bit stuck and hoping someone can help me out. I have recently purchased my first drone, a second hand Phantom 2 Vision (came with fc200 camera on a single axial mount). Plugged...
  4. I

    How to wire P2 with FPV no IOSD mini

    The components I have are listed below. I am trying to get FPV to work with my P2 v2.0. I do not have a dedicated fpv monitor; therefore, I am using my SmartTv. I also do not have a dedicated battery and would prefer to connect the AVL58 RX to the wall 110v. I need a 110v to 12v convertor and I...
  5. P

    But is FPV even legal in the US?

    The current FAA regs for recreational drones require VLOS. The Part 107 commercial regs require VLOS. Having just taken the Part 107 exam, I learned that "visual line of sight" means that the drone operator must be able to see the drone while flying. (not using things like visual aids or...
  6. MTO

    Sierra Nevada Mountains

    The Northern Sierra Nevada near Lake Tahoe, CA. It was very smokey and hazy from numerous wildfires, which was a bummer but it did add a mystical effect. It was a lot of fun flying this fpv with the DJI goggles!
  7. TheKestrel

    FPV monocular hacks?

    Hello, I’m curious if anyone here has successfuly hacked devices intended for other markets to be used as a FPV solution, while also maintaining LOS? I’m thinking of devices like the Garmin Varia Vision, or the Everysight Raptor? These are offerings in the cycling world, but....seems they might...
  8. H

    Is a Patch Antenna Worth the purchase?

    I have a question regarding my FPV setup. My liliput only has 1 Antenna connector. I don't know if I should get the dual pack of IMMERSION RC 5.8GHZ RHCP V2's. Or if I should get 1 IMMERSION RC 5.8GHZ RHCP V2 for the transmitter and a 5.8GHz SpiroNET Mini Patch Antenna for the monitor? Are...
  9. H

    Do both of my Rx ports need to be used on FPV Monitor?

    Hi there Newbie here. I have had my P2 sitting around collecting dust until now I was able to source the parts to complete my FPV setup. I have a Lilliput 664, IMMERSION RC 5.8GHZ RHCP CIRCULAR POLARIZED SPIRONET ANTENNA V2 SMA 250 600 TX. My question is. Do I need to occupy both of the RX...
  10. R

    Losing Video Mid-flight

    We are trying to get video production going for use in topographic surveying with a Phantom 3 4k unit and have been testing it out using Litchi. For some reason the video keeps shutting down within 5 minutes or less of flight time. We do not lose connection with the drone but I am wondering if...
  11. A

    WMR Headset (Dell Visor)

    I have the HDMI output module and all updated firmware etc. How can I get my Windows Mixed Reality Headset - namely the Dell Visor to work with my DJI Phantom 4 ? I have enabled the simultaneous output and checked on a monitor that works but, how to get it to display on my VR headset ? Help...
  12. R

    Any new developments for P3S FPV implementation

    Am I going to have to resort to putting a blanket over my head in order to view my flight camera on my tablet screen? I wear glasses and on a sunny day wear clip on sun glasses - sometimes polarized the wrong way. On top of that, I wear hearing aids. All making life difficult to fly a drone. I...
  13. Jack Ley

    FPV Camera??

    Over the last 5yrs or so I have had the P2, P3P and the P4, I sold each one to move to the next. About a year and a half ago my P4 literally fell out of the sky at 200ft while doing a waypoint mission through FPV Camera. To this day I don't know if it was that app or the fact I needed a...
  14. FlyingChair

    RFC: Birdhouse, a robotic FPV airport

    Hello PhantomPilots, I could use your input on a product I'm developing called "Birdhouse". Its a remote, robotic FPV airport for consumer drones like the Phantom. Prototype stage, but ready to spill the beans: Flying Chair - Introducing Birdhouse. Birdhouse automates all manual drone ops...
  15. FlyingChair

    RFC: Birdhouse - a robotic FPV airport

    Hello PhantomPilots! I could use your feedback on a product I'm developing called "Birdhouse". Its a remote, robotic FPV airport for consumer drones like the Phantom. Prototype stage, but ready to spill the beans: Flying Chair - Introducing Birdhouse Birdhouse installs outside and connects to...
  16. M

    Recommendation on upgrading signal for P3A

    Im looking to extend my range for my Phantom 3 Advanced. I know this topic is posted almost every day but Im hoping some of the more experienced pilots and enthusiasts can assist me in a decision. Im a college student without much money so I am trying to get as much bang for buck as possible...
  17. M

    Requesting goggle recommendations

    I am thinking of buying fpv goggles. I have a P4P, P3A, and a broken P2V. I also have a Hubsan H501S. Are DJI's goggles worth the $450 or so price tag? I am looking for a less expensive but still good option. I also much prefer wireless operation. On the other there are also more expensive...
  18. tml4191

    Flying Drone Hammer Inspired by Thor's Mjolnir

    Flying Drone Hammer Inspired by Thor’s Mjolnir - WeTalkUAV
  19. R

    Increasing FPC range? P2, ImmersionRC 25mw 5.8Ghz

    I have a phantom 2 with the ImmersionRC transmitter for FPV received by a Lilliput 7" monitor with dual receivers with circular polarized antennae all round. I seem to have a really short range for FPV, I can't give a distance to you as the screen is scrambled and I can't see the readout from...
  20. R

    College Station/Bryan Texas Area?

    I know it's tough to fly here because of all the airports, the University, heliports and others reasons. But I know where there is land not too far away which we can practice and fly. I am an instrument rated fixed wing pilot but that doesn't count for squat! I would enjoy learning from anyone...