The real problem with the Phantom 4 Camera Sensor Error

Aug 2, 2014
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This is the board that goes bad. No matter what DJI or anyone else tells you, this part needs to be replaced. Quit trying to restart, update the craft, blah blah blah. It does no good when every response from DJI moderators is "have you restarted, updated, etc etc". This is a known issue and the sad thing is, it is literally a 10 minute fix. I had one and DJI was forcing me to send in the entire aircraft. I could not wait so ordered a new camera. Finally I was able to mix and match the parts to find out the true problem. It is this piece right here. DJI should start selling them, people could fix their own and go on their way. When I say it is a 10 minute fix, it is literally a 10 minute fix. DJI needs to start selling parts like this, it would save them a ton of money in shipping and RMA's that are covered under warranty.
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