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For a second attempt, One of the nicest videos I have watched, and I loved the music you placed with it. Thanks

You are well on your way to becoming a fantastic video pilot.

Alfie very nice what video editor did you use?

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Very nicely done video of the place that I grew up in. Did you own a Phantom 3 before or is this your first quadcopter ever?

Keep sharing them out. [emoji1360][emoji1360]
This is the sort of video I think we all strive for. Not many achieve it. Excellent cinematography. Great editing. Really a first class job. I would have picked different music, but music has always been a personal thing. Outstanding!
Looks really nice. You should upload a 4k version.
Nice work! I am also interested in video editing software you used. Being very new to flying and video editing, I would love to get pointers. floored at the architecture in Singapore! Whats the name of the structure with the curved park on the top? Thats amazing!
Awesome!!!! Great job!!!![emoji106] Beautiful City.

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