Swap P2V+V3 camera to GoPro?

Jan 27, 2015
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Hi all,
Hoping to get some real advise. I have the P2V+V3 and have been following the threads about upgrading the camera to a GoPro (which I already own...the 3+black) with the Zenmuse H3-3D gimbal (which I purchased last week, but have not yet opened). It seems a fairly easy mod, but I haven't really seen/heard many results from people who have actually done this mod. I understand the GoPro has to be started before flight (which doesn't bother me, since I'm used to that from my Phantom 1.1.1 that I previously owned) and I use the video AND photo capture setting when I do.
My question,.... is the mod REALLY WORTH DOING? would love to hear Real experience of those who have done the conversion and/or see some results! Since the released news of the P3 yesterday, I'm undecided....The upgrades on the P3 sound good overall, but if the GoPro conversion on my current unit works as well as I am hoping, I think I will keep this combo for now and wait until the bugs/results of the P3 become more apparent.
Thanks in Advance,
Yes, Thanks....seen and researched that "High Tech" cost/method (too pricey IMO)...im looking for people who have done the "Low Tech" cost/method as described in numerous links...Did it work well?...Would u recommend? or use the P2V+V3 camera until upgrade to the P3?
I did the low cost mod with the GoPro 4 black. Video is way better than the vision plus camera and I can use the GoPro for other filming. The vision plus camera only works withe the Phantom. I would wait a while for the P3 bugs to be worked out before I would buy one.
I stopped taking photos on the plus because mine would freeze up and I would have to fly her back blindly and restart the phantom. I have only ever been interested in aerial footage since. Video quality has been a big let down in the Vplus, especially in 1080p.

There is no reason if you already have the gear. The mod is 100% reversible.
The gopro 3+BE just absolutely sh*ts on the vision plus camera..
I can power on my gopro before and after I power the phantom (I use the H33d Hero Rear port).

The reason why there isn't many posters on this conversion is he cost involved. Unfortunately, many don't fly high enough to see the advantages and that its actually cheaper.

You would spend about 2k total to get FPV on the non vision P2.
If you sell your Vision Plus camera and gimbal, it would fund your H33D (sold mine for 450). It works out to be the same. And like DD said, the GoPro can be used for other purposes (and this why I say its cheaper), and you are no longer stuck to the fragile expensive proprietary camera.

The real kicker is that the DJI app uses 2 way coms and hence you can do ground station, use the radar, dynamic home point, find my phantom etc. You cant do that with a standart P2 unless you use BTU or Lightbridge.

Its the best of both worlds.
I also did the mod with a Hero 4 Silver and a H4-3D, and I can confirm everything Mako said.
Video quality is so much better and the mod is totally reversible. In fact I reinstall the v+ camera quite often to debug my app.
You do lose some benefits like taking photos from an app, but then you also get sound in your video which is cool :p
DD... any reason to NOT do the modification?...I already have the GoPro and the H3-3D..?
None that I can think of!

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