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Feb 5, 2024
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So I started out with the mini 2 and then the mavic and then I didn't stop there I purchased a p1 a p2 and a p3 because all came with a lot of mods especially the p2 has iosd and 3 other mods that look like Chinese to me and then some. All the phantoms that I bought have something wrong with them and that's how I got them all for under 150 for all three. The 1 flies but no camera or gimbal. The 2 starts and looks great but no controller. CAN I USE THE P1 RC REMOTE FOR THE P2 VISION PLUS I BELIEVE IT IS ? QND CAN SOMRONE PLEASE TELL ME HOW TO USE THE GIMBAL AND GOPRO CRAZY CONTRAPTION ON THE P2 WITH THE P1 REMOTE? AND FINALLY THE P3 STANDARD HIT SOME WATER AND THE CAMERA STILL SEEMS GREAT DO CAN I USE THE P3 CAMERA ON THE P1? AND LAST OF ALL CAN I USE THE PARTS FROM THE P1 ON THE P3 TO POSSIBLY GET IT FLYING AND JUST USE THE P1 FOR PARTS? In hopes that all this works what is the best option and choices I should make to get the camera and the P3 flying and I am going to attempt to upload some pics of the p2 gimbal and GoPro.
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Welcome to the Forum!

You got in to deep on the introduction. :)

Moving parts between P1,P2,P3,P4 I say no.

Example P3A-P3P Remote or Camera Yes,
P3S- P3A,P3P Remote or Camera No.

There are a lot of good members here.

Somebody will correct me if I'm wrong.
Hopefully post that I'm correct.

Rod ..
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Greetings from Birmingham Alabama USA, welcome to the forum! We look forward to hearing from you!
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Ya your in way too deep. Concentrate on the one you want or the one with the most complete set. No exchange of parts between series. The P3 sounds most complete. Rc&Drone? Do they pair? Tell us more info about this set. If people have parts...Where are you? English first language? More info about drone and what you know about operating it is important.
Sorry but the short answer is no. The three drones you bought have almost zero compatibility. Also, I'm not sure you know what you have.

1st Q - No. The P1 hand controller is a 2.4 ghz transmitter, P2V+ has a 5.8 ghz receiver. If you actually have a straight P2 rather than a P2V+, then your straight P2 would have a 2.4 ghz receiver, but I don't think you can link the P1 hand controller with the straight P2. I don't think they will link, even though they both use 2.4 ghz for control. Wouldn't hurt to try though. Only take a minute to find out. But I doubt it would work.

2nd Q - I seriously doubt you'll be able to use that gimbal for anything this late in the game. They weren't easy to get working correctly in 2013, and the knowledge base is depleted.

3rd Q - No - you can't use the P3S camera on an original phantom. The P3S camera requires a P3S.

4th Q - I don't think there are any parts on the original Phantom which can be used on a P3. Not the shell, not the props, not the motors, not the ESCs, not the flight controller. Compass or GPS module - It's remotely possible but I seriously doubt either would work. The P1 and P2 used different versions of the naza flight controller, and I'm pretty certain the P3S used an updated (completely different) one, not at all related to Naza. So I seriously doubt anything is compatible. Not even the landing gear. Well, maybe those little rectangular spongy things on the bottom of the landing gear? Maybe. I think they're called feet. That's about it.

Here is some info on your three drones.

Phantom 2 - DJI < - sounds like you have this one

Phantom 2 Vision+ - DJI < - you probably don't have this one

Good luck
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