Stabilizer Rig for Phantom 3 Adv/Pro

Nice and thanks for listing the parts. You can get some really nice and different shots like that.
I'd be concerned that's it's putting stress on the motors/bolts but very cool idea.

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no way, its the same pressure as a prop would give, only its 100% even at almost all times unlike when in the air.

kind of like picking up a plane by the wings


It's designed to be held in that location. Obviously you don't want to whip it around and be rough with it.
The pressure up for each motor in flight are about 500g - 800g, all rig support a weight less than 1.3kg, this is 350g each motor. (the controller weight are not supported by motors, only Phantom 3 weight)

Somebody knows the american size for european 25mm pipe?, i would like put it on description but i don´t know how is.

Thanks to all for the comments, any questions are welcome.

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