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  • Neon.....How do you get such a large picture here on your profile.......Id like to have one that BIG too.....Thanks
    You’re a good guy( mate) or how ever you say it in your language. Anyway it’s good to have people on the forum that’s real and not a put on. Hope all goes well with your battery issue.
    She's alive !! My P3 is back from the doctors tomorrow. Cant wait to get her back out.
    Only damage from her dip in the lake was the battery.
    Back to 100% fitness.
    BTW, Love the country you live in Mom and Dad are from there, but I was born in the states. Been there though! Bridgewater area. Sommerset
    Since you seem the informative one here, I've seen anyway. And sorry to just barge in on you, the repair center here in the states has been waiting on a ecc board for 10 days for my PS3 from DJI. Is that normal???
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