1. J

    Using Phantom 1 ESC and motors for DIY Arduino project

    First post! I just bought a used Phantom 1 and gutted the insides. I want to use the Phantom 1 ESCs and motors to build an underwater drone. So the ESC has three phase wires for the motors, two wires for 11V and ground, and lastly, two wires (yellow and brown), which I assume is a signal cable...
  2. A

    Phantom rolling hard case DIY

    I didn’t want to pay the prices for a hard case online and be limited to whatever configuration the foam was in. So I decided to build my own. I will update this as I get more done on it. Currently waiting on the foam to come in Plan is 3” pick n pluck for bottom to hold drone and transmitter...
  3. ToxicGumbo

    Crash Repair (Ongoing)

    Hello, all. New member here. There's certainly no small number of "crash" threads here on PhantomPilots, but I thought I'd add my own story from a different perspective: I'm starting off as someone who found a crashed P3P on Facebook Marketplace and felt the challenge to make it fly again for...
  4. S

    How to Build Casey Neistat's Human Lifting Drone

    Hello, I just recently watched Casey Neistat's video titled, "HUMAN FLYING DRONE" (). I was wondering if you guys had any thoughts on how they built that and got it to operate in such a smooth way. What do you guys thing the budget was? Thanks.
  5. A

    I DESTROYED my drone!!

    Before you watch I just want to reiterate that I knew the possibilities and take full responsibility for what had happened. Nobody was hurt, injured or effected by this except for me. I made this video to remind people of the possible dangers that could come from flying a drone no matter how...
  6. A

    Improve your drone edits!!

    If this was helpful to anybody, please let me know!
  7. M

    Phantom 3 Standard - Controller Wont Charge - Solid RED Light - No Green Lights - diy FIX

    (The picture at first is of the drone itself for about 5 seconds) Than the rest is narration and video of the modifications made to my controller to return it to a functioning state. The overall point is the outside cover for the on off switch on this particular model of controller is junk...
  8. K

    Hoodivision PadHat mod for strong winds

    I bought the PadHat recently for my vacation, but it showed up late and with a defective magnet. I didn't have time to exchange it for a non-defective so I took the issue into my own hands and fixed it. It survived 20+ knots winds on the boat and I'm pretty happy with the result. Hoodivision...
  9. A


  10. Infidel0007

    My diy dji p3 mounted EMP generator

    My DIY EMP (electromagnetic pulse generator) In theory, pulse of L Band (1 to 2 GHz) and S Band (2 to 4 GHz) microwave energy to disrupt the electronics of the target enemy drone. Is this regulated in anyway? Ready to start field testing..
  11. P

    Lost my Phantom 2 Vision+

    I recently JUST lost my phantom vision+ drone. Sad, but i still got my phantom 3 standard. The only thing i have from the vision+ is the remote control. Are there any way possible for me to use this remote control for DIY drones? I'm building a drone, and I'm hoping that i can use this remote...
  12. tml4191

    DIY Quick How to ND Filter Case Vertical

    Perfect fit for my case.
  13. P

    Building my own gimbal. What do I need?

    Hi everyone. This is my first post and am new to the world of drones and the like. I am wanting to build my own gimbal for phantom 2 and was wondering what components I would need apart from the frame. Also what connection block do I need for the 8 pin plug to control the gimbal?
  14. J

    Phantom 3 Standard DIY Tablet Mount GoPro Mod

    This is a simple mod i made for my iPad Mini. I didn't have the right size bolt so i just used what i had and used a lot hot hot glue to anchor it even more. I might modify it later if it becomes loose, but for the moment it is not an issue.
  15. N

    Stabilizer Rig for Phantom 3 Adv/Pro

    Hi, I want share with us my new tutorial, and footage test of this DIY PVC pipes Stabilizer rig for Phantom 3 Adv/Pro. If you have any questions feel free to ask.
  16. J

    P4 Landing Gear Replacement

    Hello, I searched for a while and couldnt find any videos or DIY to replace the landing gear on the phantom 4. I lost 2 of my plastic pieces, so i ordered the whole new landing gear. The compass functions fine, so i dont believe i need to open up the shell. From what i found so far it looks like...
  17. rcheing

    DIY: iPad Air Ghetto Starbucks Sunshade :-D

    I live in sunny South Florida which makes it hard to see the screen of my tablet because of the glare. I've also been too cheap to purchase one of the plastic sunshades seen around Amazon. Anyway, I usually purchase my coffee at Costco and I noticed the inside width of the Starbucks box is...
  18. gtlightning98

    DIY backpack from Osprey Farpoint 40

    Some pictures from my DIY backpack to inspire others. It's closed cell foam spray glued together. I cut most of it with a bansaw and sharp utility knife. Way easier than soft open cell foam. Fits like a glove and was essentially free using my travel backpack.