Since you don't need GPS to fly indoors

Sep 30, 2014
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Was thinking about this today that if you don't need the GPS to fly at a low level due to the sonic thingy they added. Does that mean you will be able to fly around at eye level outside until you get good satellite lock and then take to the skies? Assuming you've already gotten a good compass calibration. Is this how the inspire works?

Also I see that GLONASS has been added to the UAVforecast wesite and the amount of satellites is pretty impressive I hope they all play well together.
Perhaps, but you should not leave a safe landing area until you have a home lock.
someone mentioned elsewhere how nice it would be if you could use the ground sensor to keep you off the ground or water if you wanted to set like a ten foot minimum distance. Sounds good in theory
Just become really good at atti flying. It is easy really, just be in control the whole time never take your eye of the MR.

Learning to fly a "flybarless collective" small heli is the best way to learn to be good at this. Try it in a flight simulator first. If you learn that well, then going back to an MR is child's play. It will make you a much better pilot.

I like to teach flying MRs only in atti to start. Completely ignore the iPad or whatever, don't even think about shooting just become really proficient at flying and learn what the wind does and how to use it an compensate for it. become really good at orientation, learn to fly tail in and tail out without using intelligent orientation. In other words become a proficient RC pilot. As you get better you can fly in very tight places under trees in tight woods etc, places you should never use GPS.

Even indoors you will run into wind, both from HVAC systems (heat and AC fans) and from local vortexes created by the MR itself, they can be quite strong in a small space.

The incredible stability the DJI Phantoms and Inspire MRs have in GPS actually can become a crutch. And if you are not proficient in atti control you will not know how to fly in an emergency or a temporary loss of GPS.
When I fly indoors I get compass errors all the time, sometimes outside as well when I am close to houses or structures with a lot of metal and electric cables.

I have been doing this kind of delicate flying for years with DJI equipment, the key IMHO is to not fly in GPS mode, fly in atti and don't expect to look away even for one second. Ride the sticks all the time, you need continuous inputs to keep MR in one place.

Of course practice and get good at delicate maneuvering in a safe environment first flying atti.

I have not noticed any problem with the visual/sonar system, so at this point I am leaving it on, but I am not counting on it to keep altitude or position. Just never look down at the GOapp, just fly and estimate what you shoot, you will get good at it. If it is critical to get perfect frames use a dual control system like an Inspire or S900 with Zenmuse. I often fly even the big ones inside, very noisy, but it works fine in atti.

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