Sensors problems (possible iron particles inside the P3?)

Jan 15, 2016
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Where I work we have a phantom 3 professional, my boss brought it to the office because it was asking to update firmware so I did, updated everything it asked me on the app, and the firmware on the drone to the latest (1.6 on the drone IIRC), we haven't flown it since then... but it was a bunch of other problems I'm seeing as I'm checking it now, didn't occur me to check before the update so I can't say if it was doing some of them before the update. I'll make them in list format so it can be easier....

- I get an "Aircraft warming up" message, even after putting it under the AC for a while (it's cold to the touch).
- When I go to the IMU check doesn't do anything, it seems to be stuck on the rotating arrows.
- IMU Calibration doesn't do anything, I get the two messages that I should keep it level and then nothing happens
- Sometimes when turning on the control it constantly beeps, when the app opens it tells me that the RC needs calibration, when I click on Calibrate, nothing happens, but if I move the sticks left to right, it stops beeping and the message goes away. (this one it was doing before the updates)
- The battery reading doesn't seem to be accurate... shows the battery as 30% and 100% the next, tells me that one of the cells is damaged (says the same in two different batteries, same cell), says that the battery has been charged 17022 times, and its temperature at -273,1 degrees celsius (that isn't even phisically possible) - The damaged cell message just went away without even changing the battery.
- GPS won't connect.
- Compass shows as a compass error
- Radio channel quality is poor, even if the RC is next to the drone

Turns out he flew it the previous day in an iron mine, specifically one shot where the phantom went under a conveyor belt that was dropping iron dust. He didn't think it would be a problem because he didn't see any particles in the air, the wind was blowing the oposite way, but he did notice that he was standing about 30 or 40 meters away and his clothes did get dirty with reddish dust (iron oxide). Soon after he did that particular shot, the gimbal started to go crazy so he landed it and called it a day, opened the gimbal and did see lots of dust particles in the motors, cleaned them up and it now seems to work perfectly (we haven't flown it since then, though, just seeing it react while on the table)... but now it has all those problems I listed above.

So here's my question... could that be caused by iron particles inside the drone itself? Should we open it and try to clean it up? If it was caused by that, could the damage be permanent or could it be fixed by a clean up?. What else could be causing that, or anything else I should check?.

And yes, I did tell him he was crazy for flying it under that belt.
Sep 26, 2015
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Amazing. I don't even calibrate my compass around a car.

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