1. DaShu

    ***SOLD***Phantom 4 Pro parts

    Phantom 4 Pro chassis complete with left and right ESC's and motors, right rear sensor arm is broken off. GPS module. New in package forward and rearward vision modules. Selling as a package, will not sell separately. $150 obo. Buyer pays fees and shipping.
  2. J

    Phantom 3 Standard problems

    Hi everyone! New member here, I've had my standard for 1 year so far, I am happy with this drone but have some minor issues. 2 questions, is there a add on sensor or something to upgrade the gps to make RTH more accurate and is there something like the bottom sensors on Phantom 3 pro you can get...
  3. J

    Bleep noise / brake in open space

    I was flying my P4P out in the open sky about 60-70 metres up with nothing anywhere near it (not even birds) and it occasionally did a bleep noise like the sensors do when its close to something, it did this a few times in the same spot as went back 5 mins later, then one time it did a braking...
  4. D

    P3 Firmware Firmware update 1.8.10 bricked my battery

    So I just got a new P3S refurbished straight from DJI. I was flying it for a while a few days ago, and today I turned it on again. When I connected it to my app it gave me a error stating 'Low Temperature During Discharge' and it says my battery temp is -58.0c, when my house is 70f. Yesterday I...
  5. R

    Only 6 miles per hour backward? Pilot error I am sure...

    I was hired to do a little work for a local film being made here in town. I was on a straight stretch of road flying in Course Lock backwards in front of a Jeep (about 20-30 ft in front). And no matter what I did I could not get that PH4P to go faster than about 8 or 10 mph. After fooling...
  6. Scott7161

    Phantom 4 Pro - Side Object Avoidance Sensors?

    Have you guys tried using the side infa-red object avoidance sensors on the Phantom 4 Pro? I think it's only active in beginner mode.
  7. SoCalDude

    Angle of View for Collision Avoidance

    Let's say I want to fly just barely over the top of something with my P4. As I approach it, I misjudge the clearance and my landing gear is about to hit the top of the object—will the collision avoidance engage and stop the aircraft? In other words, does the field of view or angle of view of...
  8. L

    P3P VPS/ Ultrasonic question. Need help!

    I have a technical question for anybody that can answer it. I have a brand new 2016 model P3P. . When I listen to my ultrasonic sensors I can hear a slight clicking. The problem I'm having is when I cover one of the sensors (with my finger), only one of them is clicking and the other does...
  9. T

    Initialization sensors do not seem active at all

    I have the IMU initialization error. I have set the P3 pro on level ground, and waited for it to initialize for 30 minutes, but it never does. I have turned the controller and app on 1st and opened up the IMU sensor panel. Then, turned on the drone, then hit IMU calibration, but nothing happens...
  10. G

    Flying meteorological sensors on P3P?

    Anybody in this forum has experience with flying small sensors for meteorology (primarily temperature, humidity) on the drone? I am looking for a fast and small (and still accurate) sensor for vertical profiling of the near-surface atmosphere.
  11. R

    Sensors problems (possible iron particles inside the P3?)

    Greetings. Where I work we have a phantom 3 professional, my boss brought it to the office because it was asking to update firmware so I did, updated everything it asked me on the app, and the firmware on the drone to the latest (1.6 on the drone IIRC), we haven't flown it since then... but it...