1. F

    Phantom 4 Advanced fell down

    Hi, My drone fell to the ground and got damaged 20m away from me 10m up in air just seconds after take off. What could cause this and what can I do now? Log: DJI Flight Log Viewer - PhantomHelp.com Thanks, Lars
  2. P

    small question

    Hi everyone, today i made the mistake of flying my P4P inside my garage with not a lot of ligth, many of you will know what happened just by saying that but for the ones that don't know, when you fly with low ligth, the sensor facing down on the drone doens't know where the floor is so it drifts...
  3. TraskKimball_707

    Professional Slightly Damaged Drone

    Hi there, now i’v been flying drones for about 3-4 years now, and by this time i know the difference between pilot error and a technical error. i was coming in for landing, and when i touched down the front two motors glitched causing them to accelerate and the aircraft started flying backwards...
  4. N

    DJI Care Refresh does NOT cover repairs, only replacement

    When I bought my P4A in July the only service plan offered was DJI Care Refresh, which I paid $139 to buy. While the info page stated that the aircraft could be replaced for a $99 additional fee, I thought that replacement was an option, and that repairs were covered too. So I crashed and...
  5. abhir12

    Standard Replaced Compass..Drone caught on fire

    Hey everyone on this forum! A couple weeks ago I flew my drone into a tree by accident. After that incident I started to get multiple compass errors that wouldn't even let me fly the drone. So I decided to replace the compass all together. Once I replaced the compass by removing the top shell...
  6. W

    Mobile Device Screen Damage using Virtual Reality Mode

    After using the Virtual Reality mode in Litchi for only about 15 minutes, I now have permanently burned pixel blotches on either end of my mobile device screen. After researching I've found pilots with similar issues in the DJI forums. I use a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with my P3S. If anyone else...
  7. M

    Standard Motor threads slightly damaged?

    My Phantom 3 Standard has never been crashed, dropped, or hit against anything (to my knowledge), and it's only been flown maybe 8 times. However, the threads on the motors are all slightly damaged somehow, with damage ranging from "barely noticeable" to "I had to take a knife and bend the...
  8. tml4191

    Advice Needed: Possible Post Water Damage to R/C. Also, is this Camera "clicking" normal?

    The p4p survived a short rain and hail storm, but the R/C might have taken some water damage. Can you please check the video and let me know if that "clicking" noise is normal? I've tested it out and the footage is still unaffected by the rain/hail, but I just need to make sure. If there's any...
  9. photoskyview

    Battery Phantom 4 Pro - Battery damage

    The battery that the Phantom 4 Pro bringed is damaged. It always shows in the app "Low Battery. Replace Battery". The lights on the battery show like 60% charge. When i attempt to charge does nothing. I call tech-support and the say is damage. I already sent it to guarantee. This battery only...
  10. F

    Phantom 3 Standard Dropped Out of Sky - Help!

    Hey folks! Somewhat recent to the drone hobby, but really enjoying it! Right up until tonight at least. I was flying my Phantom 3 Standard just out the front of my house, sitting at around 11 meters high. I was in P-GPS mode, 71% battery (I double tapped it into place, just to be sure), fully...
  11. K

    Standard Phantom 3 Standard crash. See pics.

    Hi all, so at a wedding a few days ago, I was called away from my drone to take some pictures with the bride and groom. I told my nephew he could fly it for a few minutes, so instead of helping him myself, I asked my wife to help him. About 30 seconds after walking away, I heard leaves being...
  12. B

    Phantom 4 advice/help PLEASE!!

    Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet <-- Imgur link to drone damage Here's the damage. Is it serious enough to be sent in for repair? Flys fine.
  13. Tom S

    P3S Takes a Bath - How to Dry Out

    I was flying near a lake yesterday. I got "OK to fly, non GPS." Never got that before, but figured the "ok" was all I needed. Take off was fine, but then aircraft wouldn't hover and became erratic, hit branch and fell into the lake, getting completely submerged for about a minute. No apparent...
  14. BartiriX

    Crashed P3A and now have exterior damage. Will it affect flight?

    Hey there everyone, Today I was trying something new and at one point I failed to pay proper attention to how the drone was rotated. As such I moved my joystick left instead of right and crashed into a wall, resulting in my drone to hit the ground (where I used the CSC to prevent it from trying...
  15. DJ Avionyx

    Rock Park in Castle Rock, CO (Before Crash)

    BEFORE I CRASHED Date: Tuesday July 5, 2016 Location: Rock Park in Castle Rock, CO Aircraft: Phantom 3 Pro
  16. J

    An update to my mad canal story

    Just an update people, I've tried to contact DJI about possible repair work on the drone. They were extremely slow to reply to me and after sending back this repair word document I've not had a reply in a week. I've sent them multiple emails asking if they received my emails but I'm not getting...
  17. T

    Alternative to DJI care that has no cost limit and covers liquid damage

    Been creepin for the last 2 months, finally found a reason to make an account. I and a few others on here were pretty disappointed that the DJI care for the P4 only covered $1,399 worth of damages, not including liquid damage. Also the coverage amount declining on the last month to next to...
  18. Elysion

    Antenna mod question

    Hey folks, I recently modded my Phantom 3's RC to attach 3rd party antennas to it and now I am a little concerned. Yesterday I removed the antennas to see if reattaching the antennas would increase the transmission quality, just to make sure everything was set up correctly (and it was) and...
  19. D

    DJI Repair Turnaround Time is QUICK!

    For those of you who have been hesitant on sending your damaged Phantom to DJI, I was in the same boat. However it got to the point where I had no other choice. I begrudgingly sent it to California and was extremely impressed with their turnaround. Here are the sequence of events: As you can...
  20. R

    Professional Sensors problems (possible iron particles inside the P3?)

    Greetings. Where I work we have a phantom 3 professional, my boss brought it to the office because it was asking to update firmware so I did, updated everything it asked me on the app, and the firmware on the drone to the latest (1.6 on the drone IIRC), we haven't flown it since then... but it...