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Screwed up update.

Discussion in 'Phantom 2 Vision + Discussion' started by Mori55, Nov 2, 2014.

  1. Mori55

    Feb 13, 2014
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    Is this the most screwed up update yet ? Does DJI even test they're updates ?
    Battery update screwed up , do we even know if they will discharge if sitting ?
    Camera lever fiasco, new controllers not working right !
    I havent seen the preflight checklist yet on my app.
    What's with the new compass ? Is it just a cover ? Is it worth upgrading to?
  2. Idbird

    Oct 22, 2014
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    :lol: I take it you are trying the update Morri55?
    I remember the last fiasco with the invalid battery problem (2.0). Yes, this one seems much worse. However, not for me! I'll contnue to trudge along with no update. :cry: Like trying not to watch a trainwreck!
    I hope you get everything functioning right again!
  3. Mako79

    May 16, 2014
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    Sydney Australia
    Did 3 flights yesterday with all new firmware including the latest zen IMU firmware.
    Mind you I have had no problems before the update.
    I did the battery update via Phantom Assist 3.2.
    I did the rest of the update in Phantom Assist 3.4.
    I downloaded Phantom assist 3.6 and checked for further updates and it said all updated.
    My rear 7th channel level on the old transmitter is working perfectly (slightly modded - read below).
    Dynamic home point works nicely.
    [EDIT] I have a brand new battery which I've updated with 2.6 on the 02/11. It is fully charged. I will wait till the 12th and hopefully it will discharge itself to half for storage.
    I'm happy with the firmware upgrades.

    My lever is on the upgrade mode so it works like the phone app does without the horrid jerkiness and without having to use my nose as a third hand. I think people are having difficulties because it is oversensitive and does not self centre on the upgrade mode. This makes it hard to tilt smoothly and difficult to stop where you want it to.

    I might have my wires crossed, but in the phantom assist 3.4/3.6, the new "upgrade" mode = absolute (goes up and down at a nominated rate of speed) and the old "basic" = relative (if the lever is maxed to one position it will look straight up or straight down - if you leave in mid it will look 45 degrees). Correct me if I'm wrong on this absolute vs relative terminology.

    I have overcome this issue by using the new upgrade mode and 'overcalibrating' the lever. To do this, take the restriction plate off the lever so this gives more range. Now leave it centre. Use the phantom Assist app and calibrate it and slowly move it from 10am to 2pm. Apply the calibration and then re-install the restriction plate. Now if you look on the app, you'll see the X1 lever only moves in small range when moving from the 11am to 1pm positions. This small range will move the camera at a slow tilt rate and because its less sensitive, you can now find centre easily.

    If you want the tilt to be faster, use the over overcalibration technique but calibrate it from 10.30am to 1.30pm with the restriction plate off.

    Makes sense???

    I'll post some after work of the tilt action.

    I also did a small mod and installed a home made spring that "helps" it find centre. My lever is an ebay one with the longer shaft and hence installed upside down.


    [Edit] updated tilt control video sample using the old controller with 7th channel lever

  4. Idbird

    Oct 22, 2014
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    :D Glad you got it working Mako79!
    This is the kind of feedback we need to hear before taking or recommending to others these updates.
    :? Too many experienced Phantom pilots have had various results and frustrations with this update. The battery upgrade changed versions mid rollout. That probably caused some conflicts for those pilots like yourself who were wanting the tilt lever to work.
    That's really the complaint that's been common on this forum for almost a year. Channel 7, channel 7, why won't it work? It worked on the Phantom 2, but not the Visions. Programming experts have been working on this and range improvements apps. many months. Many claim range improvement with the apps, but nobody (that I am aware of) had a program update or application to fix channel 7. This was promised by year end by DJI.
    What we got is a bunch of programming that might create more problems than it mitigates. Time and further updates will tell!
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