Roll motor ESC chip replacement

Mar 31, 2024
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I crashed my P3 Pro a few weeks ago and broke the yaw arm, ripped the roll motor ribbon entirely off the motor, and dented the cover to the roll motor ESC card. I bought all the parts I needed to rebuild it and replaced the ribbon cable while I was at it. After I got it put back together, I had camera feed but the Gimbal was totally dead- no calibration dance when I fired it up and error "Gimbal roll motor error."

I figured maybe since the cover of the ESC card compartment had been dented too severely to reuse, maybe I had damaged the chip itself and just hadn't detected any damage visually. So I found one on Ebay and swapped it out for the original. Now when I fire it up, I get 'crazy dance' and "roll motor overload"-(note: the cam on the roll motor shaft IS properly aligned.) The fact that the gimbal is now active instead of dead reinforces my assumption the the original ESC card was damaged in the crash.

What I just learned is that DJI made 5 different iterations of that roll motor ESC card and apparently they're not interchangeablel. The one I bought on Ebay is a 'Wm320 v3' - the first iteration. The one I need to match my original equipment is a 'P00953.05' - the last iteration. I hoped maybe I could get it to work my downgrading the firmware but since DJI Assistant2 requires the bird to be fired up to use, I don't think the gimbal would survive whacking around for long enough to complete that process.

I have done my best search on Ebay, Amazon, Drone repair shop websites, and browser search engine and I have not been able to find a P00953.05 roll motor ESC card for sale- any ideas of where to find one would be most appreciated. If it ends up I have to buy an entire gimbal/camera to get it working again, I think my inclination would be to spend that kind of money on a new drone instead.

-Thanks for reading
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