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Replacement Gimbal - P3 Standard

Discussion in 'Standard' started by TomG, Jul 7, 2016.

  1. TomG

    Jul 5, 2016
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    My dad recently bought a phantom 3 standard and on its maiden flight, crashed it into a lamp post! the drone itself is fine but the gimbal roll arm sheared off during the rough landing. Whilst the camera appears to still be in working condition, the roll arm will need replacing. So I was wondering if any of you more knowledgeable folk could tell me which parts you think I need to replace and hopefully some retailers that sell them!

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  2. msinger

    Approved Vendor

    Oct 30, 2014
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    Harrisburg, PA (US)
    DJI does not sell some of the gimbal parts. You can purchase compatible parts from third party sellers though. Based on your photos, here are a few parts you'll need:
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