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Oct 30, 2020
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Ladies and gentlemen, I'd like to sell everything I have for the Phantom Platform:
Earlier this week I was out flying for the first time in quite some time. When I installed my second battery and powered up, the a GPS error reared it's ugly head and the thing won't fly. It's not the first time I've dealt with this issue, but it's certainly the last for me and this platform. On offer today is a P4P V1 with a standard controller. I'd really like to sell everything as a package for $400 plus shipping to your door. I may entertain a reasonable offer, I'm no dummy and am aware the issues faced by this platform in regards to remote ID in the coming weeks. . I've amassed some extra parts over the four years as it's had some issues from time to time. I had bought a second chassis for it's power port, then a second drone to replace the first that tangled with a tree. In it's current iteration, It has suffered a crash which was repaired with a used OEM gimbal arm and an aftermarket ribbon cable, as I couldn't find an OEM replacement.

Two of the batteries have warranty tape on their seams, as they were recently disassembled, each cell cycled 3 times and then tested. They were then reassembled and the battery management system reprogrammed as their level of discharge prevented them from "waking up." This is a great service provided by Air America Aerial. I can provide their contact info or your can just google it.

100+ Images and the recording from the final flight on August 21st can be found in my Google Images Folder
  • P4P V1 - crashed and repaired with a used case and gimbal arm.
  • Standard GL300F Controller
  • Polar Pro Cinema Series filters (six pack - used twice)
  • Props from Master Airscrew (less than an hour on them)
  • Battery #1 -DJI High Cap 5870 mAh - 72 cycles
  • Battery #2 -DJI High Cap 5870 mAh - 52 Cycles
  • Battery #3 -DJI High Cap 5870 mAh - 44 Cycles
  • Lowepro backpack
  • Yx Fast Charger
  • extra boards, cables, antennas, landing gear, prop locks, spare chassis, LED covers, NIP vision sensors,


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