Repair processes - really?

May 21, 2016
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Hey all,

Just wanted to get a grip on others experience with DJI repair. My video processing board began to malfunction, like many others as I have learned when attempting to solve my issue. I was getting red, yellow and white dots all over my pictures and videos and lines in bright exposure areas. I simply wanted to purchase another processing board, but DJI wouldn't sell me one and the one online store where I actually found one for sale took me on a month long ride telling me they shipped it, then shipped it again, and again, only for it never to come. So I opened a ticket with DJI and was told that I had to send it in - ok, fine... so I did.

Now I get a quote back from DJI for nearly $500. They want to replace the video processing board - great, but they also want to replace the remote controller main board - why? Because I installed a long range antenna. I disconnected the long range, reconnected the original antennas but I guess they don't like that there are SMA connections on the front of the controller, so they want me to pay another $200 to have something that isn't broken replaced. They also want to replace both landing gear (not needed - it's been hand caught it's entire life) as well as the upper and lower shell (not needed, and I have a custom vinyl cover on it). I sent an email into support saying whoa whoa whoa - please just replace the processing board and kick it back to me. I just got a reply saying something along the lines of "this is what the repair center has deemed wrong, so it is what it is".

Is this really what the support process is like? I'm not putting $500 into a 2 year old quad, and it is just wrong to make me pay for a bunch of stuff that is in perfect working order. If this quad comes back to me broken because they refuse to just replace the video board, then they will have lost a customer for any future products. I just can't see how that is in anyone's best interest. Anyone else have a similar experience, or a freaking video board they want to sell me? Thanks.
Feb 9, 2015
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DJI have no competition (yet!), this is the result.
We'd all go somewhere else if we could. It's not like we love updating software, crossing our fingers when firmware updates happen, stressing about stress cracks, etc We put up with it because we can't buy elsewhere and we enjoy the actual flying!

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