1. Green Phantom

    1000 SUBSCRIBERS Youtube Play Button

    so after a year since hitting 100 Subs my channel hit the 1000 mark couple of weeks ago and this is what i have :)
  2. S

    Repair processes - really?

    Hey all, Just wanted to get a grip on others experience with DJI repair. My video processing board began to malfunction, like many others as I have learned when attempting to solve my issue. I was getting red, yellow and white dots all over my pictures and videos and lines in bright exposure...
  3. B

    3se Reliability issues, any advice?

    Have a 3se for a couple of months now and seem to have a lot of reliability issues, most of the time on start up I don't get any image signal transmission and have to reboot multiple times to get image... I also have range issues wherever i fly, furthest i can really get is about 3-500m... I...
  4. A

    I feel like I bought too soon, opinions welcome

    Hey guys... Please help (if possible). I bought a Phantom 3 SE 16 days ago I think (past best buy's return policy, though I'm going to call today anyway and explain why I'm pissed). I've been trying to learn how to use it, and using different apps. However, I keep finding that they won't work or...
  5. TMM777

    DJI SERVICE IS NOT HONEST...or are they just overwhelmed?

    June 22nd sent in Phantom 4 pro for repair on the camera. The mechanical shutter didn't work and the horizon couldn't be corrected. The aircraft flew great. flying was really amazing. Nothing wrong with the my aircraft at all. The issue was only in the camera and associated parts. Several days...
  6. T

    Repair Timelime

    Hoping someone could help me. My Drone has been in for repair for over a month now. Today it finally said preparing shipment. Any idea how long it takes from here? It's taking so long and I want it back!
  7. B

    P3P Faulty Gimbal Board Warranty Issue!!

    I'm in a bit of a pickle. Might be bad timing. So basically my P3P video transmission stopped working one day. Tried firmware upgrade a in hope it would resolve. No luck. Contacted DJI, provided log files etc. The support email said that it maybe an issue with the gimbal and if it was indeed...
  8. D

    Beware of DJI’s horrible customer support!

    Beware of DJI’s horrible customer support! A motor died on my Phantom 3 Professional, so I sent it in for repair on Feb 13, 2017. After a week, they claimed the drone was repaired and sent it back. But they accidentally sent me back a Phantom 3 4k – a significantly lower-model drone. I...
  9. thefrisbee995

    YouTube Issues? Need Help Please?

    Thought I would ask here in the off-topic section. I am having issues with youtube support (I need support but can't get it) and have made a brief video on it. I need help with my channel because it's where I share my drone videos :( Summary of issues in the video (in order): - Monetisation...
  10. Nick Wenzel

    WANAKA, NEW ZEALAND - 2nd YouTube video up

    Hi all, Tell me what you think of my new yt vid and subscribe for more. :) Cheers, Nick
  11. Joshua Horn

    Great Repair Deal from DJI

    My Phantom 3 Standard crashed a few weeks ago and sent it in for repair. Just got it back, and it's up and running. They lived up to their reputation for horrible support (It took a week and multiple phone calls to get the invoice that they promise to send in 24 hours). However, they ended up...
  12. A

    Can't decide!

    I crashed my phantom 3 standard drone and sent it to be inspected/quoted. Gimbal was beyond repair and main board has transmitter damage preventing it from connecting to the DJI pilot app. All in all I'm better off buying a new drone. The inspection place charges a shipping fee to recover my...
  13. J

    Warranty with Litchi

    I asked DJI about their warranty and using third party apps, here's their response. Text: Hello, I hope this email is going to the right person, please redirect it if it's not. I've recently been intrigued by the use of third party apps (namely Litchi) and was wondering if using one would...
  14. Pharm

    Litchi support praise

    I just wanted to throw a bit of support here for the folks at Litchi. I recently discovered two minor bugs (neither of which affected flying) and notified Litchi of them. They wrote me back very quickly stating one of the bugs they weren't aware of but they'd fix it in the next update. I was...
  15. UgCS

    Announcing Support for DJI Phantom 4 and Matrice 100 in UgCS

    In 2015 DJI announced the DJI Matrice 100 – their version of a drone for developers and hardware enthusiasts. In early 2016 they released the new Phantom – DJI Phantom 4. Both of these drones feature intelligent maneuvering systems capable of seeing obstacles and are also capable of being...
  16. R

    Frame Dimensions for Legs

    Hi all, does anyone have detailed dimensional drawings of the underside of the Phantom belly? I specifically need dimensions between screw holes to build a camera mount for.
  17. V

    UPDATE: P3 Crash - Critical Battery Error

    I wanted to provide an update of my experience with DJI support. Below, you will find the original thread where I describe what happened to my P3: Another P3P down! Battery Error | DJI Phantom Quadcopter Forum So after 8 weeks since DJI received my P3P, they came back and said that the gimbal...