1. jephoto

    Can contacts on bottom of P4p HiCap battery be replaced?

    Hi gang. This morning I discovered one of the contacts on bottom of one of my batteries is bent or damaged. Actually still fits in P4p and works. But difficult to get in charger. And I know it will only get worse or damage the pins in the drone eventually. I have 2 old batteries that I was...
  2. Bone4Drone

    The Dreaded Drone Crash

    As I read Phantom Pilots with interest daily, I never have to wait very long to hear of an unfortunate drone crash. Phantom gimbals and landing gear seem to take the worst of the spanking. In 8 years of flying drones, I've only crashed twice and never with my P4P v2. My first drone was a...
  3. W

    Standard Camera easily detaches at gimbal motor - gimbal loose Phantom 3 Satndard

    The attachment to on my gimbal motor has become looser over the years - see image below. It is now very (too) easy to pop the camera off the shaft and it often drops off. This also means that it can get out of alignment. Does anyone know a quick fix for this issue? Is there a way to increase...
  4. 3

    Phantom 4 Crash Assistance (won’t turn on)

    Hey guys, finally happened my phantom 4 took a tumble off a tree. I’d rate the crash as a medium crash. Upon inspection the drones not in terrible shape. Missing rotor blade, and a few scratches. The drones sat about 6 months since the accident upon inspection went to fire the drone up and she...
  5. C

    Gimbal not moving on startup. Video feed OK

    I crashed my phantom 3 standard and had to replace the yaw arm and roll motor. I also replaced the ribbon cable with a genuine DJI part, now on startup the gimbal doesn't move at all and I can't move it with the controller. The main board LED is solid green. Anyone have any suggestions?
  6. C

    Phantom 3 standard gimbal won't move after replacing ribbon cable

    I crashed my Phantom 3 Standard and had to replace a damaged yaw arm and the ribbon cable. Now when I power on the drone the gimbal doesn't move at all, I can't control it with the controller. I repaired the yaw arm and replaced the ribbon cable with a knock off ribbon at first and had this...
  7. S

    P4P v2.0 Battery Signal Error

    Had a (seemingly minor) crash with my P4P V2.0 in 2019, wouldn't fly because of battery signal error on all batteries. I had it troubleshooted by a repair center near NYC (Camrise)- they replaced one part but that didn't fix it (of course still charged me); wanted to replace the main board and...
  8. A

    Advanced Phantom 3 Advanced - no video feed on remote/ipad

    Hi! I have a P3A that I sent back to DJI for repairs. They quoted me almost $400 to fix my drone that has never been in a crash. I have no video signal on my phone, it shows a black screen, BUT the gimbal control works fine. Any suggestions on how to repair this myself for less? Any help...
  9. M

    No Liveview - Broken component on Mainboard - Black covered piece (Crystal/ Quratz?)

    Hello everyone QUESTIONs: What is the broken Part? Where can I find the replacement part? Context and background information: Last year I crashed my P3P into a tree... My gimbal broke into pieces and I had to repair it. The Drone works again, can fly, has a functional gimbal and can record...
  10. BenjiHoggi

    Phantom 3 Std. Motherboard/ESC failure on power-on - Please Help

    Hello all, I'm asking for some help here because I'm losing my mind with frustration at what has happened to my drone. Let me explain. I'm a Phantom 3 Standard owner. I'm also a full time student, so this was a fairly large purchase and something I put a lot of time and research into. I...
  11. R

    P4P interchangeable parts

    I repair drones on the side for fun and a bit of money. I was thinking it might be a good idea to buy a virgin drone from DJI to swap parts with a broken drone to diagnose issues in the broken drone. I would then buy the needed part online after I figure out which one is malfunctioning. So...
  12. S

    Repair processes - really?

    Hey all, Just wanted to get a grip on others experience with DJI repair. My video processing board began to malfunction, like many others as I have learned when attempting to solve my issue. I was getting red, yellow and white dots all over my pictures and videos and lines in bright exposure...
  13. ToxicGumbo

    Crash Repair (Ongoing)

    Hello, all. New member here. There's certainly no small number of "crash" threads here on PhantomPilots, but I thought I'd add my own story from a different perspective: I'm starting off as someone who found a crashed P3P on Facebook Marketplace and felt the challenge to make it fly again for...
  14. M

    Repair or Diagnosis Service

    Does anyone in Midwest own a shop or offer diagnosis and repair? Sons P4 only flew a few times and then would not respond after an update. I am completely drone illiterate and he is in Military. I now have the drone but no idea what to do with it, and I have no idea how to hook up or anything...
  15. Infinite_parts

    DJI GL300 RC not charging issue - how to fix?!

    Greetings, Pilots! Today I am opening new topic for DJI GL300 remote controller charging issue. Let's discuss varieties of errors and knowledge on - how to fix them. Let's suppose we have a GL300 (A/B/C) remote controller for our P3A, P3X AC. Everything is fine with connection between RC and...
  16. K

    Best Repair Center

    I have a P4P that is just out of warranty and has an intermittant GPS problem (Drone Deploy reports "poor GPS health). While flying w/ GO it jumps in and out of ATTI mode. Looks like I need to send it in. I am in Idaho so looking for continental US. I've read the horror stories about DJI factory...
  17. Infinite_parts

    Service pricing for Phantom repairs / Part lists

    Hi guys, Not sure if anyone touched / shared info of this already therefore making new post. Two main questions: 1. Is there a place you can find some DJI drone servicing prices? Maybe some service center has shared their price list or you know where to check online? All what I see is “Send in...
  18. R

    replacing gimbal motors

    is it possible to put yaw/roll/pitch motors into a gimbal assembly that are not native to the assembly? I believe the gimbal motors all get calibrated as one unit at the factory and replacing motors can throw this off. can anyone confirm? I was able to put a non native pitch motor onto a gimbal...
  19. Infinite_parts

    P3P not updating at all - always ends up with red light and long D... buzzer!

    Howdy! Any ideas on fixing that? Short description: Having P3P with 4K camera and gimbal. Most probably issue starts in gimbal because before trying some updates there was "No image transmission signal" message on DJI Go App. Have tried different ways formatting SD card, putting different...
  20. Infinite_parts

    DJI Phantom 3 PRO Gimbal Schematics / Board file / Soldering

    Hi, Probably someone already touched this topic (then please just give a link to it) - do you know where could I get some schematics for P3P gimbal? If there is anyone who has tried to re-solder components on gimbal board I would be pleased to chat. Cheers