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Apr 6, 2015
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As same may recall, my first P2v+ has rapped by a seagull and went for a dive.

air compressed, dipped in rice... and still didn't make it.
Since I was in the middle of a big job, I had to buy another P2v+ to finish the job.

And came the time to see if I can revive the rapped Phantom.

- The camera didn't make it (the gimbal arm crushed some electronics.)
- After the rice, it turned it self ON.
- wifi was intermittent. I now seam to have wifi connection if I connect the broken gimbal/camera to the phantom, but with no image, and no on screen data: (battery, gps signal, etc)
- since I could turn the phantom ON, but it could not start, and when I connected it to the computer app the GPS didn't appear, I suspected the GPS was gone, and order a new one.

- New GPS arrived today. I plugged it in... and BLING! all motors start and spin fine. Just for piece of mind, I plugged the old GPS too and... IT WORKED! (at least I can start the motors too).

So I assembled it (minus the gimbal/camera) and went to the field for testing.
Did an IMU calib at home, and in the field did the compass calibration with no problems.
But... still no GPS lock.
Since I couldn't get wifi connection at the time, or when I can, I still read no on screen info on the dji app, I don't know if GPS shows zero, or just under 6 sattellites. But I was in a wide open field for half an hour and no fix..

I manage to take off and fly it with no GPS signal just fine (as fine as atti flight can be in a windy day)

So now comes the questions I hope some of you can help with:

- does the wifi module only connects with the gimbal/camera connected to it? I removed the cover on the wifi module, and the green light only connects if the gimbal is connected too. once I remove the gimbal, no green light.
Can I bypass this and get only the onflight data with no camera image?

- any thoughts why I can start the motors with the GPS connected but I can't get a GPS lock?

Thanks in advance
Oct 6, 2014
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Your main board may be damaged. Your replacement gps receiver may also be defective. Its tough to say with water dunkings. You can get flight data with no image if the main board of the gimbal is not damaged.


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