Phantom 3 - Motor Failure

Oct 10, 2015
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Atlanta, GA
While landing my P3Pro on Wednesday evening during a sunset flight, I noticed an unusual sound. Upon closer inspection, I discovered that one of the motors was on the verge of complete failure. It appears that it started to unwind itself. The motor was in normal condition when I performed my preflight inspection. It's slightly alarming to think that I was flirting with disaster while in the air...

Pictures below.

I have 194 safe flights w/ 20 hours and 43 minutes of flight time on this P3Pro since purchasing the quad in late July 2015.

Although this should be a warranty claim w/ DJI, I opted to personally disassemble the entire quad yesterday morning. I removed all 4 motors and will be replacing all of them. While doing my own repair (so I don't get stuck waiting weeks/months with a DJI claim) I also discovered that 3 out of 4 of my main board mounts had cracked off the battery housing / main board mounting platform. Luckily, the rest of my P3Pro body didn't have any cracking in the usual places that seem to get most users on this forum. The unlucky part is that this is the ONE part DJI doesn't sell. I noticed another member has redesigned this part is is selling it on eBay. I don't feel like waiting for a replacement, so I redesigned the part as well and currently in the process of printing it on my Ultimaker 2 today.

Has anyone else had a Phantom 3 motor go out like this?


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