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  1. never88winter

    Apr 10, 2016
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    i have a question:

    When the phantom 4 is out there 5+ miles,

    (im using a ite-dbs 02, with two 3-watt amplifers and battery)

    once im at the 5+ mile mark,

    how does the p4 aircraft HD signal...
    being that far out there, communicate with the p4 RC?

    does the aircraft have it's own transmission anntena?
    (it dont have amplifers install on the aircraft.)

    for a fact i know the RC will have amplifers installed, and will transmit signal up so many miles, and maybe over 5+ miles

    and thats why purchased it, so it can send my strong RC signal.

    But how does the on-board aircraft, send a signal over 5+ miles? so it can be recieved, without using its own boos amplifers. (it would seem the aircraft its limited on signal strength, up to 3.1 on the light bridge board)

    and by having the ite-dbs02 , as receiving signal antenna, from an aircraft 5+ miles? compared to the stock anntennas. is this where the magic is?

    i see the the dji Go app, screens shots
    the ones that have the ite-dbs02 istalled , the HD signal bars and RC bars are full bars.

    compared to those, who are with stock antennas and these signals completly gone, when at the 2-4 mile marks.

    just curious how this works having two amplifers and one is for HD and the other the RC, when the aircraft dont have boosters to send to the RC from 5+ away

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  2. jstjohnz

    Aug 5, 2014
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    The upgraded antenna helps on both transmitting and receiving. The boosters only help when transmitting to the phantom.
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