P4 or P3?

Mar 10, 2016
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Hi, I want answers from people who have both the p3pro and p4. I'm choosing between p4 and p3pro. I'am wanting the p4 but the price is a little problem. Is the extra 400 dollars extra worth it ? I already have the P3 hard shell backpack . Is the quality of both cameras a big difference ? And do you guys really use the obstacle avoidance feature ? And how stable is the aircrafts ? How better is really p4 in hover ? And overall which one should i go for ? Will I regret not buying the p4?

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Jun 26, 2015
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Yorba Linda, CA
I have both. I recommend the P3P for people buying their first Phantom, here are the reasons:

1. Cheaper. You can find them used for a good price, with lots of worthy accessories that add up.
2. Video quality is virtually identical. Yes, the P4 camera has better glass, but I can't tell any difference, they both look GREAT.
3. The P4 has a weak RC, the P3P has better control transmission and range in stock form. Use a $15 windsurfer with P3P and you're good for over 2mi.
4. If you're a beginner and crash, you can get the P3P fixed cheaper than P4, due to the complexity of the P4.
5. I rarely use OA on my P4. Only when I get in close to an object via FPV do I enable OA. With OA enabled the P4 will only go about 17mph, which is too slow.
6. By the time you get good with the P3P, you'll be ready for a P5 next year (likley Mar-April timeframe) which will hopefully have better range than P4, among other new features. But wait till summer to buy it so the bugs get worked out (SOP for DJI ;-)

FYI, I didn't fly my P4 for months because of crappy range, I'd always fly my go old reliable P3P. It wasn't until I linked an Inspire controller to my P4 that I started getting better range, comparable to my P3P. I use the P4 most of the time now only because it flies 3min longer than the P3P, which comes in handy on longer flights.

There is nothing wrong with a P3P, they work great. I haven't sold my P3P because I like it so much, I'm emotionally attached to it because we've been so many places. I use it as backup.
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Oct 30, 2014
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Harrisburg, PA (US)
Is the extra 400 dollars extra worth it ?
It really depends on whether or not the extras features make it worth it for you. You can find a detailed list of P4 features here.

Is the quality of both cameras a big difference?
The quality is identical to most people's eyes.

do you guys really use the obstacle avoidance feature ?
I don't use them. I have no trouble keeping clear of obstacles when flying.

how stable is the aircrafts?
The P4 is definitely a little bit more stable than my P3P.

overall which one should i go for?
I would personally buy the P4 if I could only own one. The build quality is better and I like that is has locking props.

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