P3 Firmware P3S Firmware and DJI battery versus Generic

Nov 23, 2016
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Marietta, GA
I bought my PS3 during Black Friday. I purchased a spare battery for $64 thinking I would save more money after buying the drone. After performing the required firmware update on the battery that came with the drone I inserted the spare battery labeled "PS Compatible". The green light above the camera never changed and I never got a status message saying Firmware Update Required. I even installed the bin file on the memory card; still no change. I found out today via this forum that the PS3 only updates firmware via the DJI app. I went out and bit the bullet and purchased a true DJI battery. Was I surprised once everything connected the status said Firmware Update Required. Before doing the upgrade I inserted the original battery that came with drone; status indicated Normal. Inserted generic battery; status was still Normal. Reinserted the new DJI battery and again status reported Firmware Update Required. I went ahead and did the update without any issues. The PS Compatible battery is being returned tomorrow. I'm convinced now it may work but it's not an intelligent battery and would never update it's firmware, if it even has firmware. Saving $40 dollars on a battery isn't worth the risk of loosing an expensive drone with a battery failure during flight. Who knows what could happen without the firmware. I've read others recommending not taking the risk purchasing a cheaper non-DJI battery. After my experience I'm a also a believer. I'm just glad I can still return the battery.
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Jun 11, 2016
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Northwest USA
With this $$ drone Always pay the greater amount for most parts, props, batteries. It's not worth it to take chances.
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