P3A with CrystalSky (DJI go)... are maps available at all?

Jul 14, 2019
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Are there any maps at all in the DJI Go app on the CrystalSky when used with a P3A? I can't get these to work, even when connecting to my home wifi (I now realize that offline maps are a whole 'nuther problem that I'll have to figure out if I can solve this first problem). I just get a black screen with the Mapbox logo where a map should be. I have already reset the CS back to factory defaults, made sure I allowed location services, etc. with no changes in symptoms.

I've been flying a P3A for 4 years (had to do a shell transplant for cracked shell/motor mounts this past winter) using an old iPad as my monitor. Just upgraded to a CrystalSky for the brightness, otherwise my system worked very well. Not having maps seems kind of like a deal breaker for me.


P3A running firmware: 1.8.80 (r/c v1.6.0)

Previous monitor: iPad Air running iOS 9.3.3
Previous DJI go version: (iOS app) 2.7.1

As I mentioned, this system worked well.

New setup (with non-functional maps when flying, even when on home wifi):

Same drone, and I still have not upgraded firmware

Crystal Sky 7.85" running firmware:
DJI Go app version (Android): 3.1.38

If I thought that updating the P3A firmware would solve it, I might be willing to do that. But this doesn't feel like a problem there, and I'm afraid if I do that my old iPad system may no longer work (may start an upgrade death spiral of drone, app, iPad iOS on an old device, etc). Having been burned once or twice with software upgrades speeding along planned obsolescence, I generally don't go updating unless I think there is either a problem with current version or a new feature I REALLY want, and my P3A has served me well, in everything except monitor brightness on the iPad.

Not looking forward to attempting a DJI return, so I'm hoping someone on the forum has figured this out before. I was really looking forward to the bright monitor.
Not looking forward to attempting a DJI return, so I'm hoping someone on the forum has figured this out before. I was really looking forward to the bright monitor.
Personally, I would not touch a Crystal Sky with a P3. If you have something that works, as the saying goes, don't change it. The same with firmware. That monitor was designed well after the P3 models and primarily for the P4 and above. Some may have luck with it, some may not. It is hit or miss in that regard. Just IMHO. The firmware you have is the same as my own BTW...and it still flies perfectly ( As I knock on my wooden desk )......
I have been flying several P3P ‘s for quite a while now. All of them have been updated to the latest fw available and was using an iPad mini 2. Absolutely no issues at all with the latest fw but the brightness on the iPad had been less than desirable. I just recently changed over to a Samsung tabE. It was a major pain to set up and get working with dji go but it is a lot brighter. This is dedicated strictly for my drone flying. The iPad mini I used for other tasks along with flying,,,and it was causing some CPU issues because of other apps running in the background.
FYI, I have found that a lot of issues with upgrading to newer fw is that a lot of people do not use a fan to push cooler air onto the camera gimbal while doing the update and take a chance of frying the board. This is just my opinion, but like was earlier said,,if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

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