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P3 review by Elia Locardi

Discussion in 'Pro/Adv Discussion' started by ctp, May 29, 2015.

  1. ctp


    Oct 31, 2014
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    Reston, VA

    I really appreciated his flying tips:

    Be a Responsible and Respectful Pilot
    While we can’t control all of the negativity out there, we can do a few simple things to soften it a bit. Since these are personal aircrafts, we’re personally responsible for the ways and circumstances in which we use them. So in short, please fly responsibly and be as respectful to the people around you as possible.

    • When in the learning phases, take it to an open space like a park, vacant lot or other uncrowded space and practice your skills before flying in populated areas. This will help you build your confidence and prepare you to fly in more technical places.

    • As a general rule, don’t be a dick! If you feel like you’re doing something wrong, you probably are.

    • Do your best to research whether or not there are restrictions in the area you plan to fly and take them into consideration.

    • Assure that your drone is in perfect working condition before taking off.

    • Avoid taking off and flying in very crowded places. This will definitely cause some negative attention and will likely alert the authorities to your location.

    • Avoid flying around quiet places like cathedrals, churches, or any other place of worship. Drones in flight sound like a loud swarm of bees. This is very disruptive to serene and peaceful environments.

    • Don’t hover in front of people’s view. I’ve heard stories of drones photobombing popular locations. Just like you wouldn’t stand in front of other photographers, don’t hover there either.

    • If you’re questioning whether or not you can fly in a particular location, it’s best to fly for as short of an amount of time as possible. Wait for the right light, get your shots quickly and move on. Don’t wear out your welcome.

    • If the authorities ask you to stop flying and you don’t have a permit. Just apologize and stop. Don’t argue or make a scene. Simply move on.

    • Look happy while you’re flying. Smiles go a long way to diffuse tension and make people feel more comfortable. It seems simple but it actually works.
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  2. Advexure

    Sep 12, 2014
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    Los Angeles, CA
    All great points, thanks for sharing! :)
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