P3 Ad Running Today?


Two variants- Pro and Advanced.
Yep. When you click on the link it sends you to a DJI error page. Think maybe somebody messed up and ran the ad a little early.
It's looking everything I was hoping for and suspected so far. Would have liked a version with gimbal and plug in to take the go pro really but you can't have it all I guess. Not that there will be anything wrong with the camera other than if you break it you will have to buy a new gimbal and camera all in one job like the vision. Roll on tomorrow can't wait to watch the event.
Yea i was thinking that the other night, i have been looking at the inspire at great length over this past week which at start was only to learn a bit about the lightbridge system that is built into it because i was told it was coming to the P3. Only problem is now tho i want an inspire and badly, i had no idea they were as good as they are. But at £2399 in the uk which is 3500 dollars they would have to drop a lot, and i mean a lot. lol. I will be happy with the new P3 for now, i said that about the fc40 tho a year ago.
i had a dream last night that the inspires dropped to $1900 after the announcement o_O
Keep it on the DL :). Tomorrow we will be starting a sticky thread with the dji live event linked. That will be where all the P3 discussion should go at that point.

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