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P2V after flyaway and sustaining 50 foot down angle crash!

Discussion in 'Phantom 2 Help' started by crasher, Oct 3, 2014.

  1. crasher

    Sep 21, 2014
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    Hope someone can help me and let me know what keeps happening to my P2V and how to fix it? Here's my story: I bought a used P2V. After getting up to speed on how to fly it and after some small test flights my daughter and I went out to a ball field to fly it around. I successfully flew it for a few minutes, here and there and then sent it straight up and back down. All good! My daughter took the controls and did the same for a shorter period when the darn thing took off! We couldn't re-gain control and had to watch it angle down with speed into a clump of grass and reeds, thankfully soft landing. I brought it home did some research on "flyaways" that apparently Phantoms are plaugued with. Upgraded the firmware to the latest and took it out into the field for some more testing. With some caution I took it up to about 50 feet and then the darn thing flew off on me angling down again with speed! This second crash hit ground, battery ejecting and camera separating from the Phantom with bushings flying everywhere . :eek:
    Just bought myself a new battery, powered the guy back up to assess the damage. Lots of blinking red lights and generally the Phantom was not happy. I noticed that the Phantom's case had a wire stuck in between the top case and the bottom case. I opened up the case and found that a 4-pin connector had dislodged itself during the last crash. So I found some fellow Phantom flyer with the same issue and put the connector back. Red wire to M1, brown wire to M4. Now the Phantom powers up fine, responds to remote control and can even fly it around a little. My issue is when I plug the Phantom into my laptop the Phantom Assistant program doesn't recognize a Phantom is plugged in, but Windows makes the necessary USB beeps so I know it sees it. Also, the camera doesn't power on nor can my iPhone's DJI Vision app connect to the camera. I see it in my WiFi list and can connect to it but get no video feed etc. When I unplug the power cord to the camera and plug it back in I just get a blinking red light and then nothing. :roll:
    So I feel like I have 2 major issues. Has anyone else been thru a similiar situation and found there way out? Any advice you can offer would be great appreciated!
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