Odd gimbal roll problem

Feb 14, 2016
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Great Falls, VA
I flew my Phantom 3 Pro this weekend and found that it has developed an odd problem in compensating for roll of the aircraft.

If I power up my phantom and roll/pitch it in my hands, the gimbal compensates perfectly like it always has.

However, in flight, I found that now when I push the right stick left or right to move the craft side-to-side, it no longer compensates for the resulting body roll and the horizon in the video feed tilts alarmingly side-to-side during the maneuver. As soon as I let go of the right stick and the aircraft levels out, all is normal.

I did have a minor but unfortunate indoor crash from less than 2 feet off the ground (I was attempting to fly inside and it drifted into a railing and despite having my prop guards on, a couple of the props struck the railings, cracking the props badly.)

I don't see any signs of damage to the aircraft or the gimbal other than the busted props. I did notice that there were only 2 plastic "bobbins" that hold the gimbal onto the aircraft body. I don't know if they were lost in the crash or not, but I took the 2 spares in the accessories kit and now all 4 bushings that attach the gimbal to the craft body have the clear plastic "bobbins" that prevent the bushings from detaching.) Are there only supposed to be 2 clear plastic bobbins in place?

See the attached video for an idea of what's going wrong. I'd suspect damage to the gimbal if it weren't for the fact that the gimbal works perfectly when I roll the body side-to-side while holding it.

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Curiouser and curiouser. I'm working from home today, so I decided to fire up the P3P and try it again. This time I see no sign of the problems shown in my original video. The gimbal compensated for aircraft roll flawlessly, Iike I have come to expect it to do. I forgot to put the SDK back, so I don't have an updated video, but you get the idea. It's no longer showing the behavior you see in the video I posted.

This smells like a software problem to me. has anybody else seen this behavior?
Also happened to me a few days ago. See lots of roll in video when flying but not on the ground when P3 Pro tilted by hand. Can't say I noticed during a flight today though. Very odd!

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