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No 4K TV or monitor - any point getting a GoPro 4 Hero Black

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by PVZ2, Oct 8, 2014.

  1. PVZ2

    Sep 8, 2014
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    I was originally considering waiting to get a P3 + Gimbal + GoPro 4

    Now that the GoPro 4 has launched, the pricing of the Hero 4 Black is making me think twice.

    Furthermore I have no 4K TV, 4K graphics card or 4K monitor. So I am wondering if I should be chasing the latest technology just for the sake of it. I am actually quite happy shooting in 1080p.

    Perhaps getting a more stable, tried and tested system like the P2 + H3 3D Gimbal + GoPro Hero 3+ would be a better way to go.

    My main use for flying the Phantom is to take aerial pictures and photos of an on going construction project.

    Any thoughts or comments would be greatly appreciated.
  2. QYV


    Apr 1, 2014
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    Re: No 4K TV or monitor - any point getting a GoPro 4 Hero B

    I got a Hero4 black for 3 main reasons:
    1080p 120fps
    2.7k 50fps
    better nighttime filming

    You're right that 4K adoption isn't really widespread yet but I'm really looking forward to 120fps slowmo at 1080p, and I've started shooting video for some low budget/short films and those guys love 2.7k, doubling the framerate to 50 at that res is a big plus

    also I really like filming over the city at night and I've read from multiple sources saying the low-light / nighttime filming is much improved
  3. MadMitch88

    Aug 19, 2014
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    Cleveland, OH
    Re: No 4K TV or monitor - any point getting a GoPro 4 Hero B

    You should always try to think 10 steps ahead and anticipate future developments.

    You don't own a 4K TV or monitor NOW --- but that could change in the next couple years since prices are rapidly falling on 4K displays. So if you shoot a lot of video right now with a Hero 4 then you will enjoy it's full resolution when you do buy a 4K display down the road.

    I hate it when people can only see as far as their elbow --- always stay ahead of the curve and it will serve you well in life. :p
  4. DiscoDrew

    Dec 3, 2013
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    Teton Valley ID, USA
    Re: No 4K TV or monitor - any point getting a GoPro 4 Hero B

    The main reason for shooting 4K now is the amount of leverage it offers in post work. You can crop and also apply stabilization in post and still output to 1080P without a resolution loss. On the GH4, it also results in a sharper end product by using that workflow as opposed to shooting in 1080P. I would assume the GP4 will have similar results.
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