New Phantom 2 vision plus v3.0

Mar 21, 2015
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Kirkham, nr Preston, Lancashire UK
Hi, I have bought the above quad copter and have flown it three times. On the last flight I took it up to about 300ft and got a message on screen saying connection lost coming home. I was surprised as I thought it would be okay going much higher!
I then let it come down about 100ft and flicked the s1 all the way down and back up, regained control and landed. I'm not sure of the exact message as the screen is bad to see in the daylight.
Why did it trigger come home?
Are there any mods or checks I should be doing to stop this? Or anything to help prevent a possible flyaway?
This is the version 3.0 so believe some mods have been made over the version 2.0 model.
Thanks for any help or advice :0)
This will happen when your remote controller signal is broken. The easiest thing to verify is that you have your antennas pointing in the correct direction (always at your Phantom). Like this:

In other words, if you're straight up, your Tx antenna should be pointing straight out.
no prob. try flying a couple hundred feet out and up, see if you have the same issue.
no. you want the most antenna surface area possible to be pointed at the bird. the birds antenna are always pointed at the ground, so if its straight out, you want your Tx antenna to be perpendicular to the earth, or parallel to the bird's antenna.
How high should the standard set-up be good for? That's if I have the antenna is pointed correctly.

a few thousand feet depending on what you have your max height set to in the Assistant. Keep in mind that no one here condones that kind of recklessness, and the FAA recommends you stay under 500ft.

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